3-Year-Old Calls 911 to Save Mom's Life After She Suffers a Seizure (VIDEO)

guy & katie fritzsche

A mom in Arizona is thanking her lucky stars after an unlikely hero saved her life earlier this month. When Katie Fritzsche started having a seizure, her 3-year-old son, Guy, called 911 -- a move that even surprised her.

As you will hear after listening to a portion of the call in this video, Guy sounds like your typical 3-year-old. It's tough not to be in awe of how calm he sounds as he tells the operator, "My mom is not feeling better. My mom’s whole body is wiggling."



OMG. How precious is this kid?!? What a brave little soul!

And if picking up the phone and dialing 911 isn't amazing enough, would you believe that Guy also had the presence of mind to lock up the family dog before the paramedics arrived so that it would not get in the way of them helping his mother? Um, most adults wouldn't be composed enough to make a move like that in an emergency.

How many 3-year-olds know how to not only use a phone, but to dial 911 if someone in their family needs help? Most parents assume they are too young to learn such a skill, but based on what happened to Katie, it's obvious that we should never underestimate our little ones' ability to act should something serious ever happen to us.

And it was really just a stroke of luck that Guy knew what to do. His parents had to call 911 for him a few months ago when he swallowed hydrogen peroxide. After the incident, they explained how calling 911 was essential in the event of an emergency. Can you imagine what would've happened on the day of Katie's seizure if they hadn't gone over what to do with Guy?

This is obviously a skill that all parents need to teach their kids -- even if they think they're doing it a bit too early. It's worth a shot, especially if it winds up being a matter of life and death.

Does your child know how to dial 911?


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