Little Girl & Dad Sing a Duet to Keep the Scary Stuff Away (VIDEO)

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you belong to meYou guys, prepare to die of cute. Prepare for your inevitable demise at the hands of an adorable little girl and her pink toy guitar-playing dad as they sing "Tonight You Belong to Me." Dad Benjamin Ames wanted to distract his daughter, who couldn't fall asleep because she thought she was hearing fireworks. Was she? Well ... I don't hear any. But she interrupts the song several times to tell her dad exactly how they should pause whenever they hear fireworks.

If you've ever tried to do something with a little interrupter, you'll relate. It's exasperating! But Ames shows a lot of patience with his daughter. Just so you know, they do finally get through the whole song. If daddy-daughter harmonies make you melt, you'll want to hang in there past the one-minute mark. I think it's worth it. But of course, the interruptions are funny, too.

I love how she knows all the words! I feel like every child needs at least one classic they can sing all the way through (or almost) with their parents. Every kid needs a song that comforts them at night when there are so many strange sounds.

It's kind of a long video (sad that 3:12 minutes is considered long ...), but if you have the time, they get to the horn section around the two-minute mark. It just ratchets up the charming hilarity even more. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to watch this video yet again and dissolve into a puddle of estrogen and sentimentality under my desk here.

Do your kids have favorite songs they like to sing with you?


Image via Benjamin J. Ames/YouTube



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Debbie Guse

See? THAT is spending good quality time with your child and look how smart she is? Plus it is adorable and they will always have this precious moment forever! Love This!

Georgia Green

so sweet she is adoreable : )

Stacy Coiner

adorable, and applaudable!!! I loved this, for me and my children it has been "you are my sunshine" I have to say this child was adorable and infact held her tune nicely in my opinion. and Dad did great too! we need so much more of moments like these with the kids!

Alison Deruga Gentile

This is adorable.  When my 3 year old has a fit about no getting what she wants - after she calms down and we talk about it, the convo finishes with a rendition of the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want."  

Christina Burgess

M daughter loves to sing 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman with me she just breaks out into song during meal time and tells me to sing it with here

Lorna McCulloch

Oh, my goodness. Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, special, adoreable. I love it. <3

Buffy Torgersen Epperson

I didn't thinking my singing at night to MY kids had any impact, until a few years ago when my (then) 30 yo son put together a songbook for all the siblings with all the songs in it that I had sung to them over the years. Reading and singing to your kids--totally worth the time it takes! Blessed memories and I love this guy's playing on the Barbie pink ukulele!

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