'Naughty Leopard' Costume for Toddlers Has Parents Freaking Out Over Nothing

naughty leopard costumeWhen I heard about this Naughty Leopard Costume for toddlers, I thought for sure I was going to see a skin-tight leopard body suit with some chicken cutlets sewn in where the boobs should be. Something very "naughty" or risque and totally inappropriate for a little girl to wear on Halloween. Instead I saw this cute little girl (featured) in what looked more like a goth princess costume, and if it wasn't for the ears, I wouldn't have identified her as a little girl dressed up as a leopard of the naughty (or any other) variety.

The packaging the costume comes in reads "Naughty Leopard" and I sure don't want my daughter to be a "naughty leopard" (said with that stress you put on naughty when describing something sexual). But the costume isn't "slutty" or suggestive and I think people are getting really riled up over a word.


And then I thought more about the word naughty.

Have you ever watched Peppa Pig? They use the word naughty all the time! I guess some people think it should be bleeped. We're just so used to the word naughty being something sexual that we forget it also means "disobedient" and "badly behaved." Something nearly every child is going to be after they eat too much of their Halloween candy. So technically there will be Naughty Pumpkins, Naughty Cinderellas, Naughty Dinosaurs, and I'll have my very own Naughty Ariel and Naughty Spider-Man to deal with.

Naughty can mean different things depending on context. Just like the word pussy can. We say pussy cat with no issue. But you all know the other ways it can be said with a totally different meaning.

What exactly does a "Naughty Leopard" do, anyway? Hunts down other kids and steals their Halloween candy, perhaps. A leopard, by nature, is kind of naughty. It's not like it was a nurse costume and it was called "Naughty Nurse" and sold in toddler sizes. Then I'd have a problem ... maybe ... if there was a vinyl mini skirt involved.

There are some very crazy Halloween kid costumes out there, but this one is not one of them. Stop thinking with such a naughty, I mean dirty mind.

What do you think of the "Naughty Leopard" costume? Since the word "naughty" was just on the packaging, do you think it's really something we should be upset about?


Image via Walmart

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