Jenelle Evans Is Making a Mistake By Ditching Child Support Payments

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jenelle evansAs we all know, Jenelle Evans' son Jace lives with Jenelle's mom, Barbara. Jace stays with his mom on weekends, and Jenelle pays Barbara $130 a month in child support ... for now. But Monday Jenelle tweeted that she may get out of those payments. "Actually, my mom and I have a meeting for child support to be canceled." Yup, Barbara is totally going along with this idea, which ... I guess is her call (and the judge's call). So if Barbara is fine with it, what does it matter? I'm asking for the haters.

You know, you don't have to be a hater to still find this arrangement a little sad. I guess Jenelle is taking on more of Jace's care? Jenelle said she's canceling her child support "becuz my mom knows I help her out a lot more than everyone thinks." Does "help" mean she buys things like food and clothing? I don't know... $130 a month isn't that much money. It's a small price to pay for the symbolic gesture of taking responsibility for your child.

Jenelle does care about her public image, or she wouldn't argue against her haters via Twitter all the time. She could just cancel those payments and go on shelling out for what she can on an ad hoc basis, and who cares what anyone else thinks. But Jenelle cares. So in the interest of conserving her energy, it just makes sense for her to keep up those payments. Or maybe that's some twisted logic.

The real reason why she should keep paying is because of what child support represents. Someday Jace will hear this whole story. What will he think about his mother going through the trouble of canceling child support? He'll probably hear Jenelle's side of the story, and I'm sure it'll sound justifiable to him. But I don't think I would want my child to grow up and find out I'd gone out of my way to back out of child support.

Do you think Jenelle should just keep paying child support?


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nonmember avatar NOYB

She is trash. And her mother only enables her.

adamat34 adamat34

My ex husband does this crap all the time. Always tells everyone how close he is with my son....he hasnt seen him since May...he is an ass about the measly amount he pays, tells my son if he ever needs anything, via text, to let him know. Meanwhile, school started he asked him to run and get him a 5 sub notebook, of course he said no. Ask your mom why I pay child support is what he.told him. Hell yes Jace is going to have strong feelings. Nothing makes me sick like a selfish, worth less parent.

the4m... the4mutts

Idk about this girl's situation, but child support doesnt always have to be paid for the sheer symbolism of chipping in.

My ex husband pays a very low amount for our 3 kids, and every year, starting in 2014, I will begin to lower it by 100$ a month, until it's gone.

But my ex is an EXCELLENT father, my s/o makes excellent money, and I simply dont need it as much anymore. So why should he be saddled with a recurring debt on his credit, if I don't need it?

If, for some reason, the kids ever ask, I will show them all their dad has paid for, but I seriously doubt they will ask, since we put the emphasis on being good, involved, attentive parents.

Pamela Vega

I don't think she shouldn't because she is doing an outstanding job being their for Jace and in my opinion Jenelle Evans is an outstanding mother and her new man is the best father figure ever. I wish all the support.

Kylee Booze

This bitch is one of the worst mothers I have ever seen in my entire life, yes she needs to pay child support. Hell, if it were up to me, I wouldn't let her see that sweet baby boy! Janelle.; grow the fuck up since when did drugs become more important than your child? I have a three month old son and I wouldn't ever even think about putting someone or something before him! your an immature little girl. hopefully reality hits your ass and you end uo back in jail.

Tammy Flores

money not everything u cant love a child with money love your child with your heart if she she doing goodthats ok
but if u doing same staff u need to pay girl take care of your son

Melinda Sue Martell

be happy yu all get child support..i havent gotten it in over a year and he has nothing to do with my daughter really..sees her every now n then..oh ya no its life! and janelle i think yur doing alot better keep up the good work and dont listen to assholes!!

Nikol Haynes

I think that it is their business, not every one in America's. People have their opinions, but do they really know the full story other then what they read on the internet?

babyj... babyjames298

I think she is a great mom

Jo-Ann Tuohey

She's a disgrace, it's not that people are haters because they envy her or anything. Who wouldn't hate someone who has never once been a mother to their own child? She spends more on boob jobs, heroin, boyfriends, booze, etc. than she ever spent on her child. She should help her mother out a lot more because Jace would be in the foster care system if Barbara didn't take over and take care of him. Jenelle ought to be ashamed worrying what "her haters" will think, she should be worrying about Jace not having anything to do with her later in life when he finds out what a deadbeat piece of crap his mother really is.....

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