'The Worst Thing I Ever Accidentally Did To My Kid': Parents Confess Their Biggest Fails

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child peeking Have you ever managed to hurt or scare your own child? (By accident, of course.) I think it's safe to say most of us have been there at one time or another. I have some pretty cringeworthy memories of several major parenting fails from when my boys were little, including banging my newborn baby into a doorway, giving a toddler a sippy cup filled with mold, playfully leaping out and shouting "BOO!" at a child before he instantly dissolved in fearful tears, and smooching a small child on the cheek only to watch in shock as a giant kiss-shaped WELT appeared courtesy of the capsicum-filled lip plumper I'd been wearing at the time.

For anyone who's had to deal with the soul-crushing sensation of not only failing to protect your child, but actually being the person who caused the damage, take heart -- lots of parents have horror stories that are just as bad (and in some cases, much worse) than yours. Take a look at this it's-only-funny-in-retrospect list of OMG I Broke My Kid moments:

I closed her fingers in the sliding glass door and tried to lock it, thinking she was crying because I wouldn't let her outside. Also, the day after she had kidney/bladder surgery, we misread her pain medicine dosage and gave her 0.1mL instead of 1.0mL ALL DAY. -- TemerityJane

Kid asks for apple juice & I accidentally pour him apple cider VINEGAR. He says it tastes weird & I'm ANNOYED at him. #dadfail -- Aaron

I couldn't figure out why the heavy lid of our upholstered storage ottoman wouldn't close - my 18-month-old's head was in the way. -- Hannah

Touched his face with oven-mitts I had just used to take meat out of the oven. To the same kid: I once caused blistering burns when I sat him on a plastic water-filled toy that had been cooking in a hot car in July. -- Zoot

I accidentally used his washcloth to wipe icy hot off my fingers right before he went to wash his face. Of COURSE it got in his eyes. -- gwennyrah

2 of my children have been driven home from somewhere as infants, completely unbuckled on their carseats. Gaaaaah. -- Jennifer

I ran him over with my car. I WIN. (He's fine. Was fine then, too.) -- Emily

Left my 6mo sitting on the kitchen counter. As in, I was holding her there and then just left her and WALKED AWAY. -- MomCheri

I gave my congested 4-month-old Little Noses drops... then realized it was Swim-Ear. Dang bottles are identical. We both cried a lot. -- Lori

I thought my daughter was overreacting to some minor injury while SCREAMING because no visible injury... turned out a bee had gotten inside her shirt and was stinging her over and over. -- PinkHerring

Husband dropped our one week old's head in a bowl of cereal. He flew backwards. Thank god he didn't choose oatmeal that morning. -- Jo

I gave my kid rancid milk one time. He drank half like a champ and then stopped. I tasted to show him it was ok. It was NOT OK. :( -- Josh

Didn't realize my daughter needed new shoes until a daycare worker told me she'd outgrown them. Also, told my son to "play through the pain" after a sports injury and found out later he needed ACL surgery. -- Heidi

I  left out my flat iron (turned on) so my 2yo son could put it up to his MOUTH and burn his lips. -- Courtney

I was making caramel sauce and not thinking let my two year old stick his finger in to taste it. Second degree burn ftw -- JB

I just had surgery, K was running to give me a hug, I said "Stop!" and blocked with my crutches, and she headbutted the crutch. -- Wendryn

How bout accidentally cutting off the tip of my 5 yr olds ring finger in a door jam , she's now 23. -- Diane

My 5 yo & I were battling (in a fun, playful manner) &just as he moved his head I moved my knee and chipped two of his bottom teeth! -- Honeybecke

I punched my kid in the face zipping up a jacket. My hand just flew off the thingy like a log ride! -- DR Hoctor

I dropped a cell phone on my baby's head. She's ok, it seems. -- Anne

I was in a pitch black nursery putting my son back to sleep. I greatly misjudged proximity and BASHED his head on the side of the crib rail. I can still hear the sound of his head hitting the wood and feel sick. -- Samantha

I can't think of anything I've done to my own child, which mean it will definitely happen tonight. -- Beth

Okay, your turn -- what's the most awful thing you've accidentally done to your kid?

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Mandi Perkins

Worst thing I ever did was trip and drop my 1year old on her back/head on the sidewalk....then freaked out and wanted to rush her to the hospital...when really she was fine and it I think it actually affected me worse than her. lol 

Samantha LaPointe

I almost drown my oldest daughter as a baby by slipping on a mossy bridge. I hit my head and my arms let go of her. Thankfully dad was there

ashjo85 ashjo85

When I was 10, I had a straw in my mouth while I was at a fast food place with my mom, in the car. Pulled the paper off just a little and was going to blow the wrapper at her, and she put her hand up to block it. Except she completely misjudged the distance there, and sent the straw scraping straight down the back of my throat. I was eating jello and ramen noodles with no seasoning for DAYS.

And this one wasn't me, but a friend of mine was trying to get his baby to sleep, and he kept wailing in his crib. They were tryiing to let him work it out, but after 30 minutes went to check on him when he hadn't stopped, and the poor baby was COVERED in those little black ants. Oops!

Jen Lowery

I banged my son's head on the door trying to put him in the car...Didn't mean to...

Jessica Morris Volchok

I know I've got some stories like this (we call them Parenting Magazine cover moments - as in, they are coming to take your picture for the cover right now!) but I can't think of anything right now because I am CRYING with laughter over this list.

Nancy... NancyJ422

I love some of these answers!  I think we've all had our share (well maybe not all of us......).  

I can't recall ever bonking my son in the head though I'm sure there was a doorway somewhere that I did!  He wore too small feetie pajamas for months on end, I've told him he's "fine" many times only to discover it was strep, or one time when we were both like "yay! it's not strep!" it was friggin' MONO.  

One time a friend of ours was playing with him at the edge of the lake spinning him around and the friend got dizzy and stumbled and dropped our son in the water.  I moved pretty fast on that one!

danie... danielleapril

I bashed the baby"s head in the doorway...then turned quickly and did it again.

Kassy Stoeckel

As a nurse... not knowing my 16-month-olds supposed "lactose intolerace" was actually celiac's disease.

I have 6 kids... this one being the youngest.

I have accidently done some pretty horrible things being a completely disheleved, running-on-two-days-of-no-sleep new mom... but this just takes the friggin' cake.

nonmember avatar kristylynne

We were at an ice cream place sitting outside on concrete benches. My 2-year-old son fell backwards off the bench, and my husband reached to catch him, and my son's little head bounced off his hand and slammed face-first into the bench he had just fallen off of. ER, stitches, scar. FAIL.

Kandace Fish

My mother gave me what I thought was teething gel for my daughter while teething, and it turned out to be scotch, she slept for 23 hours that day.... I never told anyone lol

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