Dad Slams Judgmental 'Child-Free' Busybodies in Amazing, Viral Blog Post

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Matt Walsh is a blogger, talk radio host, and dad to twins, and he recently had some words for a judgey non-parent about his deplorable attitude toward a young mom with a tantruming toddler in the grocery store.

Apparently, Matt was out shopping for ingredients to make chili when two things happened. One, he was recognized by a fan, and two, a mom was doing the best she could to manage her unruly toddler, who seemed to be ticked off because mom wouldn’t let him have the sugary cereal.

Matt writes:

I felt the woman’s pain ... She could bribe her kid into silence, but she was sticking to her guns. Good for her, I thought. Sure, if she’d only meet his ransom demands, my bean purchasing experience would be a bit more pleasurable, but I was rooting for her nonetheless. Not everyone felt the same way, apparently.

This is when the aforementioned fan loudly said, “Man, some people need to learn how to control their f**king kids.” Matt surmised that the guy looked about 19 or 20 and, with that kind of attitude, was obviously not a parent. It was also obvious that the mama heard the rude comment, so Matt said what any totally awesome, ballsy, knight-in-shining-dad-armor would:

Man, some people need to learn how to shut their mouths, watch their language, and mind their own business.

Parenting kids, especially little kids, is tough work, and Matt spends the rest of the post describing how not only non-parents turn into Judgey McJudgersons around young families, but how sometimes the older generation does too. He writes that parents of grown children sometimes “tend to dismiss the fact that modern parenting presents unique challenges, some of which didn’t apply several decades ago.”

And that brings us to one of my favorite lines written on the Internet this week:

I always love the older folks who lecture about how THEIR kids weren’t as 'attached to electronics' as kids are nowadays. That’s probably true, but mainly because, well, YOU DIDN’T HAVE ELECTRONICS. You had a toaster and a black and white TV with 2 channels, both of which were pretty easy to regulate. But, sure, congratulations for not letting your kids use things that didn’t exist. On that note, I have a strict 'no time machines or hover-boards' policy in my home. It is stringently enforced. I’m thinking of writing a parenting book: 'How to Stop Your Child From Becoming Dependent Upon Technology That Isn’t Invented Yet.'

Thank you Matt Walsh, from the bottom of this mama’s heart. If I could reach through the computer and give you a hug, I would.

Has your attitude on unruly toddlers changed since you became a parent?

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nonmember avatar erica

Funny how the people who can't even control themselves expect other people to control another, often times unreasonable, human being like it's as easy as pushing a button. Perhaps if his parents would have "controlled" him better he wouldn't act like such an ass. Parents can't win either way,though. If we give in, we're raising completely spoiled brats. If we make sure they understand that no means no and they completely freak out, we're raising completely spoiled brats who are very loud.

nonmember avatar Jamie

I tend to still say that to parents once and a while... Specially when they are giving into the child's demands. My daughter is almost 2 and when she throws a fit about not getting something we leave the store and she gets nothing. A friend of mines child is also 2 and he will scream he wants anything and everything from dog treats to shoes and she gives it and buys it for him and it pisses me off that she does that. That's when I get mad enough to tell the parent to get the child to quiet down. If your going to teach your child it's ok to whine and cry until they get their way you deserve something be said to you!

nonmember avatar Jamie

My 22 month old tells our dogs to " get out of here" and it comes out sounding like DIE!

Senia... Seniahmom

No it has not changed because I was raised to be a reasonable human being. And it is unreasonable to expect a child, let alone a small child, to conduct themselves maturely &/or appropriately at all times let alone when an object of their desire is at eye level. Children have tantrums. And they learn not to eventually. It happens. Everyone had them. To all who whine about it - you grew out of it & they will too. Get off your high horse before you fall.

Robin Virgilio

I've left my children to tantrum in aisles.  The last thing a parent should do is give in, no matter how loud the screams, how hard the hits, how aggravated the people in the store get.  I use to say:  If you think you could do better, knock your socks ya go... and offer them to try and comfort my child.  Every single person said, '"  Of course.  Because it's so easy to judge when it's not your own.  Walk a mile, peeps...It may be the longest mile in your life.

Amanda Marie Mahrling

A friend of mine brought her 2 year old to my 8 year old son's birthday party. The kid was screaming for a cupcake, even though it wasn't cake time yet. She was throwing a tantrum and her mom couldn't beleive her ears when I said no, she couldn't have one yet. 

Claudia Fortado-Fassett

Nope, kids need to know it is not ok to throw a fit in public in fact just today there was a kid screaming in the store.  It just kept it going and going and the mother just ignored it!!  Really?? Who want to listen to a screaming brat???  She should have taken it outside and smacked it butt and told it to knock it off or wait till your father gets home!!! Simple as that!!!  And my kids growing up did have electronics not just a toaster and a TV that was black and white!!!

Nancy McDonald Schoenrock

I am 63 years old, when I see a child in a store throwing fits because mom or dad is not giving in, I want to go up to the parent and tell them; "GOOD JOB!"

nonmember avatar brith

I agree on the level that kids shouldn't be given everything they want, and they do throw tantrums at the worst, most embarrassing times, however, when I'm shopping, and a child is screaming bloody murder for twenty minutes and the mom is just acting as if she doesn't hear it. . It does irk me. There are times for teaching, and times when you should head for the exit. Have a little self respect. When my kids were small, and I was out when they misbehaved or just were crying from being tired, ill, whatever. .I took that as a sign that my child needed to be home, and headed for the door.

April Murray

I feel that all my kids have been pretty well behaved in public spaces, but they have had the occasional meltdown. My rule is generally to drop everything and leave if they begin their tantrum. However, it's not always that easy. And kids are strong willed. Sometimes I can't leave the store...because I NEED what I came for. So, I have to be THAT parent who lets their kid cry in public. I try to speak to my children in a tone that lets everyone else know that I don't find it acceptable either. But let me catch ONE person, childless or not, say something rude about what's going on. It's EVERY parents last hope for their kid to be a raving lunatic in when someone pipes about irritates the shit out of me. I'm like, "REALLY?!" Kids cry...and adults can be assholes....we're even.

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