40 Funny Toddler Mispronunciations

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sketti toddlerI'm not sure if there's some kind of science behind it or what, but there's absolutely nothing cuter than the way toddlers mispronounce words. The years when my kids were just learning to talk will always rank among the most adorable times of my life. In fact, their mangled attempts at speech were so unbearably charming, I couldn't even bring myself to correct them most of the time! You know what I'm talking about, of course -- every little kid shares at least a few of the same word-tweaking tendencies: "Sketti" for spaghetti, "baff room" for bathroom, etc. But the variations on this theme are endless -- and endlessly hilarious! Just check out the answers we got when we asked real moms to share their favorite, funny toddler sayings (are any of your kid's trademark mispronunciations on the list?):

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1. "Yogrit" = Yogurt

2. "Lady Cleaners" = Cleaning Ladies 

3. "Washamine" = Washing Machine

4. "Peeker" = Computer 

5. "Peetee" = T.V.

6. "Tattoo" = Thank You

7. "Ooshies" = Shoes

8. "Pantates" = Pancakes 

9. "Rockamole" = Guacamole

10. "Meek" = Milk

11. "Blue-ba-berries" = Blueberries

12. "Lellalade" = Lemonade

13. "Whatever Room" = Living Room

14. "Burstday" = Birthday 

15. "Gassa Wine" = Glass of Wine 

16. "Bitar" = Guitar 

17. "Cala-Maria" = Calamari

18. "Rocky" = Broccoli 

19. "Hangabangers" = Hamburgers

20. "Brefixt" = Breakfast

21. "Headfore" = Forehead

22. "Bagina" = Vagina

23. "Yook" = Look ("Yook, Mommy, yook!")

24. "Nom-ee-no" = Watermelon 

25. "Bokey" = Bacon

26. "Marenight" = Nightmare

27. "Heem" = Ice Cream

28. "Adeego?" = Where'd he go?

29. "Nursey noas" = Nursing

30. "Strawbabies" = Strawberries

31. "Poon" = Pookey

32. "F*ck" = Frog

33. "Yike" = Like

34. "Go-tee-go" = Where'd he go?

35. "Keeka" = Kitty Cat

36. "Mo-gycle" = Motorcycle

37. "Dee-tee" = Candy

38. "Lomster" = Lobster

39. "Cardboyle" = Cardboard

40. "Pee-nan-oh" = Piano

What are some of your toddler's funniest mispronunciations?


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Amand... Amanda0712

Hamburger- hammer

Laundry machine- washing maching


Jew- George

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Fuffalo for buffalo

Pussy for Percy (Thomas the train)

linzemae linzemae

my godson has a couple

snushstache= mustache

aireo= oreo

SaphireH SaphireH

We have a 21 month old and its eeow for cat, his sister is named Angel but he calls her jojo, bru ruh for his brother, tuck for stuck, emmy for empty, r u? For where are you, mouse for Mickey mouse, juu for juice. It's so funny when he says these and other people have to ask us what is he asking for.

nonmember avatar carlene

Top parts = pop tarts

Hick em ups = hiccups

nonmember avatar Liz

My son used to call ice cream hand cream. He says packback instead of backpack and compuchewter instead of computer.

jacsm... jacsmama022

DD has gotten past most of these but she will say 'mustachios' for pistachios. DH works at a place called JP Weavers and she says JP weavies lol. I've told her a million times but she still says it that way.

jacsm... jacsmama022

Also her 1mo old sister's name is Brylie but she says 'brywie'

Carrie Owens


nonmember avatar Tara Posadas

Play doh-- hobo


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