My Kids Will Eat Princess-Themed Eggs & I'm Not Complaining

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princess eggs There's a part of me that is not too pleased about how there are eggs being sold with princesses and pirates on them. You choose -- you can't have a carton with both a princess and a pirate ... yet. This is in Norway so don't freak out. Kids aren't eating enough eggs there so they are resorting to this. Is this gender marketing? I don't think so. There will always be pink and princesses with magic wands. There will always be swashbuckling pirates who say aargh. And there will always be boys and girls who love them. And I do mean both. My daughter loves pirates. She also adores princesses. My son has also worn princess crowns, barrettes, and plays with Barbies who go for rides on his Matchbox cars as if they were skateboards.

And if my picky eater kids are going to actually want to eat eggs just because they are in a princess package, then I'm all for it. In fact, I have some other suggestions.

Unicorn spinach. Packaging features a gorgeous white horse with a golden horn noshing on those leafy greens. "Mommy! I want unicorn spinach, pleeeeeaseeee!!!" Oooookay!

Tarzan broccoli. Why swing from trees when you can swing from broccolis? "Me want broccoli, Mama!"

Race car prunes. The juice is the fuel for the cars -- special high octane fuel that makes them go fast fast fast. (Poop, poop, poop.) "I'll win the race if I drink this, Mom! Let's get it!"

Superhero nuts. Okay maybe parents will appreciate the marketing that if you eat nuts, you'll get "balls" like a superhero. Too much innuendo? Then just have the superheroes climbing a mountain of almonds and cashews. Kids will see that and say "I want this!" Yeah, you do!

It seems that all the crappy snacks are in bags that are super kid-friendly -- Hello Kitty, Barbie, Spider-Man, Dora, and all the favorites are like sugar dealers to our kids. Way too tempting. And way too annoying when in the grocery store with the kids who beg for a candy with so much food coloring it will stain their fingers and tongues for weeks just because it has a Power Ranger on it. The healthy items -- the superfoods for toddlers -- are often packaged with boring labels without any bright colors because it's organic and placed in recycled boxes. Or has no packing at all. Which I love. But a little marriage of the excitement and nutrition would sure help me out. 

I'm a mom who cuts my kids organic PB&J sandwiches in hearts. I make homemade silver-dollar sized pancakes and fashion them on the plate so it looks like Mickey Mouse. I decorate plates with raspberries and bananas and beans. I want to make food fun so my often picky eaters eat. Because picky eating is a real thing. It often has nothing to do with what the parents are or aren't doing. Anyone who says otherwise has never had a picky eater. I have twins -- one who eats just about anything and another who absolutely doesn't. I feel the pain. Which is why I approve of princess eggs. It's like a magic wand.

What do you think of these eggs? Would your picky eater eat better if packaged with "fun" things?


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birth... birthymom4

No, my kids will be served regular eggs...

I want my kids to know that not everything that is "themed" is special or better!

I am definitely not going to encourage that kind of thinking.

Requi... RequiemForAnAmy

But where are the gender neutral eggs?! Oh wait, those are just eggs. lol

The packaging is cute, though. To me, it's no different than the box of cereal with Elmo on it. It's branding and apparently, it's working!

Chris... ChristyM123

I think it's a great idea! I remember when I was a kid and I wanted different junk foods just because one of my favorite characters was on the package. Why not use that same marketing to healthy foods? I agree with Cynthia---factory eggs come from horrible conditions, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to farm fresh eggs. I live in a small midwestern town so farm fresh eggs are pretty easy to come by, however I doubt big cities have that same convenience, so you just gotta do the best you can. 

nonmember avatar lauren

Depending on cost looks lije there is only 4eggs per box. Id buy them once. Keep the boxes and reuse them. When the kids werent looking id refill them

Bubsy Bubsy

@Lauren - Genius! 

craft... craftycatVT

I totally agree with Cynthia. I buy my eggs from a woman whose farm I have actually visited and whose chickens seem pretty darn happy.

Claudia Mendoza Beisner

Better this than promoting crappy fast food or processed junk. It doesn't bother me, I think it's kind of cute. 

ashjo85 ashjo85

My kids will eat anything not nailed down to the floor, broccoli included. I got lucky I guess?

Pam.N.42 Pam.N.42

Lol ashjo85, my kids are the same! Friends with super picky eaters always ask me what I do  and I'm like I don't know they just never complained.

But the eggs are a cute idea, if it gets them excited to eat something as wholesome as eggs it seems good, my husbands family is from Norway I wanna see if I can find these next time I go. Though I don't know a lot kids who don't like eggs...

I also don't see why the author says don't freak out? Cause were gendering them? I mean its not like they say girl eggs and boy eggs.

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