10 Valid Reasons for Not RSVPing to a Kid's Birthday Party

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As mothers, we all play countless roles in a single day: Nurse, Chauffeur, Chef, Dentist, DJ, Fashion Director, Janitor, Launderer, Banker, Dietician, Personal Shopper, Photographer, Plumber, Caregiver, Maid, Cheerleader, Counselor, Storyteller, Teacher, Exterminator, Coach, Negotiator ... The list is endless.

So, please tell me: Why is it so difficult to take three seconds, play secretary, and freaking RSVP for a kid's birthday party? There are few things that infuriate me more.

I mean, there are certainly valid excuses for not RSVPing, but I'm pretty sure none of them apply to most parties in this day and age.

But, for the record, I won't hold it against you if ...

1. The invitation got lost in the mail. Fine. (Though I'm always suspicious of post office excuses.)

2. You'd been held hostage in the house by zombies for a month and were unable to check the mail.

3. You aren't actually the parent of the child to whom the invitation was intended for.

4. You were abducted by aliens who wiped out all social graces from your mind.

5. You contracted a flesh-eating virus and were quarantined in a single room unable to communicate with anyone. 

6. Your spouse thought you took care of it and you thought he took care of it. Been there, done that.

7. You're secretly a government spy and were called away on a top secret life saving mission.

8. Your house caught fire and everything in it burned down, including the bulletin board which housed the invitation. 

9. The dog ate the invitation before you ever had a chance to see it.

10. You never, ever want your kid invited to my kids' birthday party again. Done.

What's the most insane reason you've been given for not getting an RSVP?


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ILove... ILovemyPaulie

"We thought the invite was a Birthday Card for our Daughter until I found it & read it" :P

^^^That's one I got!

nonmember avatar Mae

I received my cancer diagnosis and all decorum fell through the floor, and I committed the dreaded sin of not rsvp'ing...then got called out on it in a public setting! No, I've not shared my diagnosis with many but I did share it after getting called on the carpet; the other mom quickly changed her tune. We're human, we forget, sometimes we have other more important things on our minds.

Jamie Braithwaite

ummm... i think the author needs to grow up... for realz...

Mommy... MommySchatzi

I honestly don't give a shit if people RSVP or not. People can RSVP and NOT show up and also the other way around.

Mary Sullivan Reed

How about....if you didn't RSVP - don't bring your child!!  My daughter liked Tea Parties....we went to Goodwill and bought each guest a tea cup and saucer; we planned the menu, we had goodie bags....you get the picture.  So, when a classmate showed up at the door, unannounced, no RSVP and they lived 5 doors away, I was shocked and  I said so(privately to the mother).  She couldn't have cared less....AND, they didn't even bring a gift.  How rude!!   I then had to scramble to make sure this child had what everyone else had so that she didn't feel bad.  Infuriating.  Found out later these people like to use the neighbor's for free babysitting.  UGh!

Alysh... AlyshaWhitted

I can't stand when people don't RSVP, but even worse is when people RSVP and not show up. Which, I will admit, I am guilty of, but thats not a common thing for me. Its just a respect thing. I spend a lot of time planning, baking, making favors... If I have no idea how many guests to expect, that makes my job a lot harder.

Debbie Garnice

It takes two seconds to reply.  I have 2 disabled kids and a full schedule.  Five minutes out of my day I get to sit and read the things they bring home and reply and discard.   EASY and polite.

Felicia Brown

I don't think I would care I always make sure I have enough items to go around and if I end up with extra then I save the extra stuff and try to find ways to use them

Veronica Spaulding

its called having a life..kids, work, health issues, appointment/errands ,etc ...missing a b.day party is not the end of the world.

nonmember avatar April

I HATE when people don't RSVP. Especially because I give 3 ways-call, text and email. but ok, you didn't RSVP. I can deal with that. But do NOT just show up when you didn't call and RSVP. I can't plan for your kid if you didn't let me know they were showing up. Now that my kids are older, I make them call and RSVP for themselves.

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