Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Childcare

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Why you should never feel guilty about childcareI've been a work-at-home-mom for seven years, but it wasn't until pretty recently that I had regular childcare. For the most part, I fit in my work during nap-time and late into the evening, which seemed like a really convenient situation, but in actuality, was not ideal at all. 

Whether you're thinking about working from home or you're doing it already, heed my advice: Get childcare. Here's why I think it's so important.

When most people research childcare, it comes down to money, and yes, it can be extremely expensive. Nannies and day-cares are not cheap and if you're just working to pay them, it probably doesn't make sense to use them.

However, childcare doesn't always have to be expensive, especially if you really only need coverage for a few hours a day, like I did. There are plenty of affordable Mom's Morning Out programs at local churches, heck even certain YMCAs will let you leave your kids for an hour for a nominal fee. What it does is force you to make good use of the time you do have and just you wait; you won't believe how productive you'll be in a such a short amount of time.

But honestly, the money part isn't even the most important one in my opinon. It has to do with your ability to give your children your full, undivided attention. I'll admit that for many years, my kids didn't always get a lot of quality time from me. Sure, I have four kids so giving my kids individual time, even if I had tons of it, wouldn't be easy. But because I was trying to cram in all my work during their nap and bedtime I was stressed and tired. And I would check my email and take calls when they were awake.

Thank goodness for the DVD player.

A couple of years ago I observed a few of my work-at-home-mom (WAHM) friends in action and noticed how efficient they were when they had childcare, but more that they were super engaged with their kids when they were "off the clock." They put their phones away, they locked down their computers, and they just were moms.

I can't believe what a life changer having help has been, from giving me more time to myself in the evenings (hobbies, remember those?), to ensuring that my kids are getting all of me (or almost all of me) when my work day is over.

I realize that it's not financially feasible for everyone, though even a babysitter exchange or a grandparent visit (free!) might afford you enough time to get a little more work done. But if it's possible, I can't tell you how amazing it has been.

You'll thank yourself. And I bet your kids will thank you too.

Working moms: What's your childcare situation?


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the3Rs the3Rs

I've been working from home for 7 years as well - the last 5 1/2 have been full time.  Fortunately, my kids are all in school now, but before that my parents would watch if I was too busy.  Most of the time though, it worked out fine.  My kids got the attention they needed and I got my work done. 

For the past 2 years my oldest son babysits in the summer (for pay) part of the time, which is great as well.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

My son is in full-time childcare which is WAY expensive and yes money IS a huge issue.  2 kids in daycare was like a second mortgage.  My daughter is now in private school which is CHEAPER than childcare was.  Days when kids are sick I try to bring stuff home and might be able to get a half day in, anymore than that and between doctor appointments and getting prescriptions filled, that's about all I can get done.  Besides, when they're sick they just want to cuddle.  I can't do that at my computer desk.  It really depends on your personal situation.  For us, we can barely afford childcare but make too much to qualify for assistance. 

lyalanne lyalanne

angel miniMY kids went to daycare while my hubby and me worked. Daycare is pricey and my paycheck pretty much paid the day care. I have a career in management/accounting but to stop working while my kids are at home til school age would have been a big mistake..Every 2 years during that time I got a very good promotion and a pay raise. With twin daughters and a son the cost was huge. My sister on the other hand stayed home for 2 years after her first one and he became so dependant on her, didn't know how to play, wasn't potty trained by 2 years old, never spoke one word. She decided to go back to work and took Donnie to daycare and what a difference it made in that little guy. On weekends he would go get his coat and want to go play with the other kids. My sister is an amazing mother anpuppyd is commented about it all the time. She had twin boys when Donnie was a 1st grader and the twins went to day care. Daycare is great and I for one was never sorry my kids went....

Susan Delly

I work from home part-time and put my son in a family run neighborhood daycare 2-3 days a week, as needed.  That allows me to work and have some time to myself.  

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