Shocking Video of Toddler Being Hit & Teased Called 'Racial Bullying' (VIDEO)

bullying videoThe video will break your heart. In it, you see two 5-year-old black girls picking on a 3-year-old white girl on a tricycle in a St. Paul, Minnesota, neighborhood. Together they gang up on her, calling her ugly, and hitting her with her own hand, "Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?" you hear another, older boy say as the little girl wails.

It's painful to watch and a sad reminder of how early bullying starts. But does racism have anything to do with it? Some say yes, adamantly, claiming it's a prime example of racial bullying, and that if the tables were turned, and it was two white girls bullying a black girl, then there would be uproar across the country. The girls' 12-year-old brother definitely contributed to those cries when he titled the video he posted online, "When white people piss black people off part 1."

That aside though, what actually happened between the girls seems to me more of a case of kids just being kids.

Sadly, kids bully one another, and it starts at young age, but the same scenario plays out across the country between children of all different races. It's happened for thousands of years; we just haven't had the ever-present video recorders around to capture it like this.

Both fathers of the girls involved say it has nothing to do with race. The 3-year-old's father, Shawn Peterson, said he didn't even know what happened until the 12-year-old boy's father made him come over to apologize. He said the kids all regularly play together, and race has never entered the picture. He's happy with how the other father has punished his children, and they're moving on. So why can't everyone else? According to Fox, since the video went viral, the father of the 12-year-old boy has received hundreds of threatening calls from strangers.

I'm not denying that racism is alive and well in the United States. Sadly, it is, but making everything that happens between people of different races into a racial issue doesn't help us move away from it. Sometimes bullying is just bullying.

While it sounds like the dads are handling the whole thing in a mature and sensible manner, I do have to wonder where they were when this was all going on. Why in the hell was a 3-year-old riding a tricycle in the street with no adult supervision?


Do you think this incident had anything to do with race?


Image Via KMSP-TV

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kisse... kisses2miangel

I am really glad you posted this.  When I was younger I was teased a lot because my parents didn't match and my mother is white.  The crazy thing is, I was only in Kindergarten.  Racism appears at such a young age, and this is due to what they see in their environment.  For me, I went from living in a open mixed cultured environment with my mother, to living in a predominantly black neighborhood with my father. 

I don't believe that racism is a one way street.  I think when an individual feel superior over another race, then that ugly seed has been planted.  It is just heartbreaking to see beautiful children losing their innocence because of this ugly world they live in.


fave82 fave82

If there's a positive here its that the boys father took action (seemingly) as soon as he found out about it. At least he didn't rise to his kids defense and proclaim that his angel would never do such a thing, etc. Kids will be kids, and sometimes kids are mean little assholes.


I looked at the video from another site...I believe the little girls were not being conciously racist.  However, the older boys, especially the one taping & directing, KNEW they were being racist.  I was unable to watch the interaction between the fathers--but I commend BOTH of them for not losing their heads.  And I am so happy the black father is dishing out punishment. And if those children were mine [probably even if there weren't mine], I would have "whupped" ALL of them--especially the one who uploaded that horrible video and put that stupid title to it.

As a black person, I was embarrassed watching it because I know if the tables were turned there would have been all sorts of Hell breaking out even calling the NAACP including Al Sharpton.  But thinking about the reactions of the fathers gives me hope [still unable to watch the "Dads" video].  The fathers have the look like they should have issues with each other--and I am just being honest.  And of course, I am pre-judging them both by their appearances.  I LOVE IT WHEN I'M WRONG based on assumptions.  We have long road ahead when it comes to wiping out racism which I doubt will ever happen.  But, I still have HOPE.

fave82 fave82

On a side note, if that was my 3 yr i probably wouldnt let her play w those kids anymore.. At least not unless i was present. Apology or not..

Elaine Cox

Nope but the girls brother clearly made it that way

nonmember avatar krelia

Black people get taught to hate whitie at an early age in their areas. Just how they were raised at this point. Girls probably don't know why its wrong

Jacee... Jacee2348

The parents seem to be handling the situation just fine; on the other hand, it does make me wonder where either of them were (or the mothers for that matter) since small children were out playing in the street.  To me, that was the biggest issue of all.  The bullying can be dealt with but if one of those children were hit by a car there may be no opportunity to intervene.  Sometimes I curse this modern day technology!  :(


I have been trying my best to ignore the comment by "krelia", but [sighhhh] here's amazing how the internet gives some people strength to say the most outlandish things just to get a rise or start some type of idiotic debate.  As a military brat AND military veteran, I have had the wonderful opportunity of having an EXTREMELY diverse childhood & adulthood.  I have learned that racism is taught in ALL ethnicities at an early age IF that family CHOOSES to do so. 

wamom223 wamom223

I agree with Snapa.  I saw this story days ago and while the video is upsetting its so nice to see parents actually parenting.  On the one hand I get what people are saying about why wasn't there supervision, and I agree.  But lets not miss the point that something bad happened and we have two men who handled it the right way.  Let's not forget the father of the toddler didn't even know it had happened until the other father sent his son to apoligize, that is almost unheard of in every neighborhood now days.  I am so happy that we have a father teaching his son some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and lets give credit where its due.  This video gives me hope also and its that parents are starting to realize it begin and ends with us and what we teach our children. 

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

SNAPA got it right with both of her posts. Truly refreshing to see. While I am about as white as it gets I was raised with family that ranged from milky to cafe a latte to dark chocolate so a persons beauty and worth weren't dependent on the color of ones skin. I took these childhood lessons with me into school and then the military where I was regularly shocked by how big a deal people made race. Recognizing that the two 5 year olds were just engaging in normal childhood bullying is important to helping America as a whole make race less of an issue.

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