Toddler Who Died Riding on Back of Motorcycle Didn't Stand a Chance (VIDEO)

This is a tragic story involving a 4-year-old girl who died. But it's also a story that had me scratching my head. Because the little girl, Breann Creer, from California, died tragically while riding on the back of her mother's boyfriend's Harley-Davidson. It happened when the semi-truck in front of them suddenly did a U-Turn and the bike had to slide underneath the car. The passenger, little Breann, died. While this sounds horrific and makes you wonder what the HELL a toddler was doing on the back of a Harley -- apparently it is not necessarily illegal.

Reportedly, the person who did the U-Turn (which was apparently also not illegal) was riding in a tractor-trailer. When the motorbike rammed underneath the truck, it became stuck. Witnesses said that the driver kept driving with the bike underneath it, unaware that he was dragging the little girl and the adult driver.

Finally, witnesses' screams made him stop. According to a woman who checked the little girl's pulse, Eric Henderson, the man riding the motorcycle, who is a Marine and dating Breann's mother, kept saying, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Breathe, baby."

But it was tragically too late. Investigators said it's unclear if Henderson will be charged in the accident -- it will all depend if the girl, who was wearing a helmet, met the legal requirements to be riding on the back of a bike.

According to California law, a child can ride on the back of a motorcycle if he or she is no longer required to be in a car seat and the child's feet can reach the passenger foot pegs. That law was recently modified in January to require that child restraints be used in children up to 8 years old or until the child reaches 4 feet, 9 inches.

Even if she met the requirements -- I can say definitively this is something I would never let a toddler do. I doubt I'd let a teen do it.

While traveling in India a few years ago, I saw that toddlers on motorcycles were a norm. In fact, so were babies. But I honestly had no idea this was going on here too. And I won't soon forget the vision of my mom crashing her moped when I was a kid -- with my young sister strapped into a seat on the back. (Both were okay.)

But Breann's dad, Thomas Creer, also a Marine, told a local TV station that he doesn't blame Eric Henderson, saying: "I don't think he would do anything intentionally to put her in harm's way at all."

No doubt it wasn't intentional. No doubt Henderson is devastated. It's tragic. Just not the choice I personally would have made.

But many others disagree -- check out the comments section on one of the media reports. Motorcycle fans are out in full force defending their right to bring tots on bikes.

Would you let your kid ride a motorcycle?

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Coles... Coles_mom

No sympathy for the man. Hope he goes to prison. I can't imagine anyone putting a child on a motorcycle!!!!!

nonmember avatar Bri

Have you ever seen the documentary Babies? A newborn the mother, father, and little brother drove off on a motorcycle (can't think of the country tho) but if he didn't break the law then why should he be punished? Because of something you don't agree with? Sounds a lot like why America is so f*cked up now.

Danielle Harris

My son has been consistently riding on his dads motorcycle since he was 3 years old. Although, he was riding in front of him until he was 6 years old. So I do not think the blame should be put on this man.. As long as he did everything legal, and she had a helmet on and knew how to hold on probably. This is a terrible tragedy.

danie... danielleapril

My brothers and I rode with our dad and uncles all the time. All eight of us are alive and well. This was a traffic accident that could have gone just as bad if she was in a car

nonmember avatar Kristin

My 4 year old rides with her dad- we built a special safety strap that allows her to be kept upright safely. It's more dangerous if the child rides in front. The man is not to blame at all- my daughter loves riding on the motorcycle. The guy who made the u-turn is what made this a tragedy.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Not intentional? He intentionally put a  four year old on a motorcycle therefore he intentionally put her in danger. I know several bikers, my husband included, and not one of them would dream of putting a young child on a motorcycle because they're not irresponsible morons. 

the4m... the4mutts

Its such a tough situation. I feel so badly for the man. I can honestly say that I would not put a toddler on a motorcycle, but I dont necessarily think the man was wrong for doing so.

Rhonda: you intentionally put your kids in harms way every time they're in a car or on a bus. If he was not breaking the law, then he did no more wrong than you do every time you put your kids in a car.

clemi... clemintine25rae

I think a child of a certain age could ride but def not a toddler I would never be ok with my 4 or 2 yrold to do that too young to many things like this could happen and its so so very sad:(

work4... work4mickey

You can be killed by a truck when crossing the street. There are no guarantees. I'm not sure the fact that it was a motorcycle even factors into this. It was a horific accident, nothing more, nothing less.

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