How to Stop a Toddler Tantrum in 2 Seconds (VIDEO)

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toddler tantrumToddlers are some of the most easily distractible creatures on earth, which can be both a blessing and a curse. When you're trying to get them to finish a simple meal, and every noise, thought, and movement in the room causes yet another delay in eating, it can be frustrating; and when getting one's shoes on takes longer than it probably took to make the shoes, distraction is a parent's worst enemy.

However, when it comes to taming a toddler tantrum, distraction is amazing. They can be in the middle of an all-out, screaming, red-faced, intense rant that is shaking the walls, then you mention something they like or ask them a question. All of a sudden, they switch gears faster than you can blink.

For example, watch this video in which a dad recorded his toddler daughter having a variety of tantrums, and the little things he does to distract her. From asking her, "what does a cow say?" to telling her to kiss an egg, she goes from crying to playing in an instant.

It's hilarious and fascinating, right? It still works on my 4-year-old daughter  for the time being, though I have to get more and more creative with the distractions as I think she's on to me bit. For younger kids, though, it's the ultimate tantrum-taming tool.

Of course, it's not 100 percent guaranteed to work, because nothing with toddlers is, but when it does, it's a beautiful thing.

Do you use the power of distraction with your toddler?

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katyq katyq

A true tantrum is when they are not in control of themselves. It happens if they are extremely tired or extremely stressed. Having a "fit" is different and is just a way to test boundaries. Thry need guidance and direction in that case...but the specific actions depend on the age. My son is 3 and if he were to throw a fit, it is an auyomatic timeout at this stage. At two, yes, I would have used distraction as my first response.

ashjo85 ashjo85

I dealt with tantrums by ignoring them, and not watching by leaving the room. It seems without an audience, like a fire without oxygen, it quickly burns out.

hopef... hopefulmommieLW

Uhhh this kid is throwing a tantrum? In what universe. I REALLY don't think that ANY of these clips are true tatrums. Just ask my neice!!!

ktobin2 ktobin2

I would tell them to knock it off or I'll pop them on the butt. I wouldn't do that to a baby or toddler of course but a young child yes.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This could be how this child's tantrums start out. We have tried distraction, tried time outs, take things away, tried a lot of things, we have come to the conclusion that as much as we love our toddler he is a true a$$hole.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Basically, when they're old enough to throw fits as a way to manipulate, it's time to step away and take the power from them-just like the previous comment about not giving them an audience.  With toddlers, though, I have just one word: BUBBLES!  I taught a 2s room in a preschool/daycare, and those things were my best friend ever. 

steph... steph0420

@jalaz  Haha! I thought I was alone!!

alask... alaskalove

This, to an extent, is funny, but isn't he just ignoring the child's attempt to communicate? He's telling the child that he doesn't care how she feels and that her feelings aren't important, that the cow who says moo is more important. SMH 

Susanne Jones Larosa

that was not a tantram when you in toys r us and your child wont something you take him away and infront of everyone he kicks screams you are trying to put him in his buggy and he is thats a tantram and saying words like that man said wont make a blind bit of diffrence .all kids are diffrent .

Christina Grover

When my 2 year old is having a tantrum trying to distract her does not work. She doesn't hear a word I say. The only thing that every remotely works is walking away.

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