'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Deals With More Potentially Devastating News About Ali

Teen MomThe one thing Leah Messer Calvert of Teen Mom 2 fame always said about her daughter Ali when she was going through all of her struggles was that she just wanted her to be able to walk. Now, it seems, according to Radar, that dream may never come true. Four-year-old Ali's health has deteriorated so rapidly that it seems she may need a wheelchair soon. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to cover it.

Obviously, as parents, we can't control much in terms of what we get with our kids. We love them no matter what. And I am sure Leah will do that. But still, this can't be easy news. She and her ex-husband Corey Simms spent enormous amounts of time, money, and effort to help Ali meet their dream. And now she may not.

To learn your child will have a much more difficult life than the one you had hoped is just heart-wrenching. Leah and Corey's tweets further prove that they did receive this devastating news. Leah said via Twitter:

Angry is how I feel... No explanation. I hope this is your will god and someday you can give me an explanation.

and then:

This is happening, is it real? I can wake up from this nightmare at anytime now!

And finally:

After purchasing our first home together and now moving for the reasons we are is hard to adjust to, but I know it is best for our family!

Her pain is obvious and who can blame her? Ali can still have a full and productive life, but that doesn't mean Leah can't grieve the loss of what she hoped. Her other daughters will be able to walk and run and play sports and things will be harder for Ali. It won't be the life Leah worked hard to give her.

It's unclear what disease Ali had, even from watching the show, but clearly it has not gone the way they hoped it would from all her therapy and doctor's appointments.

No matter how much we love our kids, things can't always work out the way we want them to. Still, that fact isn't terribly comforting when dealing with news like this. I am sure in 10 years, Leah will be accustomed to it and she won't see life having gone any other way. But in the now, this is painful and I feel for her.

Leah is a good mom and she will continue to be that for Ali. Even as her heart breaks. In the end, that's the most important thing.

Do you think Leah is justified in being so upset?


Image via MTV

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April... AprilJune

Absolutely. It is hard news to get. Of course she will love her daughter just the same, but she can grieve for the life her daughter won't get to have. Things that are easy for most people, will be a challenge for her little girl. And that will be hard on Leah too. Poor little thing! But at least this is something she can live with and live well with. She will still have a full, happy life. And after anger subsides, I'm sure Leah will appreciate that (if she doesn't already).

nonmember avatar Victoria

I think it is natural for any parent of any child with any disability to be angry/sad over the loss to their child's life. When you concieve, you imagine this perfect child that will have the whole world open to them, but when your child has any sort of disability, those options narrow for them. Parents just want their children to be healthy and happy. Just because you're sad for them, and just beacue your child won't have all the options that her sisters will, doesn't negate your love for them, doesn't negate their purpose for being alive. I'm sure Ali will have a great life because you can tell how much her parents love her.

Mercury Denise

:"( she is an amazing human being, and aly is the most beautiful baby warrior. God always have a plan for our lives .......

Sindy Hudoba-Johnson

 Leah and Corey are two of the most loving parents and Ali will have such a strong family to back her up in any challenge. Bless you Ali your going to be fine.

Cindy Lynn Moore-Johnson

Absolutely she has the right to be upset, what a dumb question. As parents we try to kiss the sickness or sadness but this is one they can't fix with a kiss. Broken dreams for their daughter as well as them selves, as times passes they will be OK and this little one will bring much joy as I'm sure she already has. As a mother of a child born missing right forearm and hand I know the heart break they are feeling. I think the hardest part is excepting your child's fate. Then taking one day at a time and enjoying each moment they have with her. Her life will be different than their other children but different doesn't have to be bad thing, she will do things her own way. I pray that her health does not continue to get worse.

Nikki Lynn Archambault

No I don't think she's justified in her anger. There is nothing wrong with being disabled. This is just part of Karma. Maybe things would have been better for Ali if Leah had been a better Mom to her from the get go & not spread her legs everywhere for everyone!!!!!!

Jennifer Marcus Rivera

i think she is a wonderful mother and no one can say how is is suppose to feel i am a mother of 6 and loving ur children is ur first priority in life god bless you and ur daughters leah.

nonmember avatar Janice

leah can totally feel this way all she wants and it is completely normal. I myself know exactly how she feels. I got pregnant at 19 and my son was born with cerebral palsy and brain damage on account of the doctors. They made horrible mistakes during my delivery and now my 6 year old son will live with the consequences forever. I am 26 now and my son has never been able to walk on his own and has the mind of a 4 year old. I always feel for my son everyday because he works so hard at everything he does! I also have a one year old daughter who can do everything. so yes as a mother to see one child be able to do a lot more things and not be stared at and stuff is heart breaking. People can be very cruel but also so amazing! I love you leah and I know exactly how you feel.

nonmember avatar Linda

I'm so sorry to hear about this Leah my prayers go out to u and ur family and to Cory too

Deana Todd

in response to Nikki Lynn Archambault: Shes angry because the hopes and dreams she had for her daughter have changed. she has every right to feel upset that her daughter will have extra struggles in life to overcome. and you OBVIOUSLY DONT WATCH THE SHOW!!! If you did you would know and understand just how amazing a parent she really is

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