Mom Punches Skateboarder Who Accidentally Hits Her Son (VIDEO)

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When I hear that whole "Don't mess with mama bear" thing, I roll my eyes. It's one thing to want to protect your kid from real dangers -- from kidnappers or molesters -- but too often the "mama bear" persona is used as an excuse to be rude to anyone who dares look at your child wrong, no matter if he/she is tearing up a store, screaming in a library, or otherwise acting like a spoiled brat. So I'm sure many will nod their heads and say, "mama bear" when they see this video of a mom going ape on a guy who plowed into her son and knocked him over, but to me, it looks like an entitled woman who feels like the planet is supposed to move out of the way for her kid.

It all started when a skateboarder accidentally hit a child who got in his way ... and you'll just have to see the mom's reaction to believe it!

In the video, a guy is cruising along on his skateboard when he accidentally runs smack into a little boy, probably about 5 years old, as the boy is walking in the same area of the park.

The kid hits the ground and, as kids will tend to do, begins wailing uncontrollably. The skater is obviously upset and tries to comfort the kid. An adult comes over and picks up the kid as the skater apologizes.

But then the "mama bear," seeing her son bawling, comes from out of nowhere to yell, "You hurt my kid on his birthday?!" and push and then punch the guy in face! (As if the guy knew it was his birthday?)

I know this might come as a shock to some moms, but there are billions of people on the planet and it's almost inevitable that one day one of them will bump -- perhaps even smash -- into your child. By graciously accepting the guy's apology and tending to her child, and perhaps even (horrors!) explaining to her son that accidents happen and to be more careful about his surroundings, the mom could have taught her kid a valuable life lesson.

Instead, the lesson she decides to teach is that when someone accidentally hurts you, you should storm over, not accept a heartfelt apology, and instead deliberately hurt that person!

Additionally, if the kid ever happens to hurt someone accidentally, she's teaching him that, gee, he must have done it on purpose and shouldn't be forgiven and maybe he should put up his dukes before someone else does! Crazy!

This reminds me of the mother who came after me recently when her daughter nearly smashed into me with her razor scooter. Since the girl was playing in an area where I had zero expectation that there would be a child, I told her she shouldn't play there and to be more careful. Mom actually took ISSUE with my telling her child where to play! Yet I'm certain if the girl had run into me and gotten hurt, it somehow would have been my fault.

Part of parenting is watching your kid get hurt occasionally. You then rationally decide if anyone is at "fault" and talk it out. Not to mention that this particular mom seemed to be nowhere near her child when the accident happened. If you're going to be this loony about your child getting into a mishap, perhaps you should have a leash on him.

It's possible the entire video is staged (brilliant marketing ploy!), but it certainly appears real. And I can all too easily believe this happened because some moms are just straight-up nutty.

What do you think? Was the mom in the right or wrong?


Image via ColdGravy112233/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Summer

As annoying as those damn skaters are, that mom was out of line. If she was so concerned she would have been closer to her little boy. She is lucky she didn't get knocked the eff out!! If you punch like a man better be prepared to be treated like one.

Kaela... Kaelaknowsitall

Wow! That mom is completely in the wrong!

jrphelps jrphelps

I hope the skater presses assault charges against this out of control mother

the4m... the4mutts

That woman was WAY in the wrong!! There is definitely a time to punch some asshole in the face, especially when they lay hands on your child.


1. Where the fuck were you, and why weren't you there to comfort your kid?

2. It was an accident, and he even tried to help the kid up! Jesus.

Lastly: skate parks are not for toddlers to just RUN AROUND in. Wtf was she thinking?? They're for skaters and BMX bikes. They dont expect to have to be watching for anyone who's not riding at least 2 wheels.

jrphelps jrphelps

I saw a post of FB recently of a mother ranting that another child ran into her child with a bike.  The mother complaining, her child walked right in front of the other child on the bike and she called DHS on the other parent cuz she claims she should have been watching their child.  It was all an ACCIDENT

nonmember avatar Alex

You could tell it was an accident. That mother should be brought up on charges. My son was accidentally hit by a skateboarder. The teen in question was in worse shape emotionally than my 4 year old;) makes you wonder how violent she gets with her child herself. There is a difference between intent and accident.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

That "mom" is trashy. She is an embarrassment to moms and people in general. I very well could be wrong but that looks like some blocks we have at our local skate park. If so her kid should not have been there. The little boy fell hard so I feel awful for him as did the kid skating. I agree with the article. "Mama bear" is mainly use for people to act like tough shit when they're actually being trashy. And I seriously hope he presses charges on this idiot. She was not protecting her son, she was incredibly out of hand.

Movie... Moviebuff

I hate the stupid mama bear saying guess what its your job as a parent to watch your brat. This mother is way out of line and hopefully she gets charges pressd against her.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Super classy move, mama. Keep up the good work. Hopefully your kid didn't inherit your lovely demeanor.

CafeM... CafeMom Team

I agree with jrphelps , I hope she gets hit with an assault charge. She should be teaching her child that it is not okay to go around punching people.

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