'RHOC' Lydia McLaughlin Flaunts Her Fast Food Rules for Her Kids

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Lydia McLaughlinLydia McLaughlin has been a new and unexpectedly pleasant addition to The Real Housewives of Orange County this season. Her quirky, down-to-earth, straight-laced personality has been a nice injection into the madness that is the RHOC, and it seems she brings that same kind of down-to-earth wholesomeness to her parenting style as well -- especially when it comes to what her kids eat.

Lydia recently told Us Weekly that her children -- Stirling, 2, and Maverick, 4 -- have never had fast food. Never. She said they don't buy chips or cookies either, but rather she makes her own healthy snacks and encourages sustainable food options.

We make smoothies and put spinach in them. That's a good way to get your kids to eat their greens and you can freeze them. We make them into lollipops or popsicles.

She also added, "They've never had fast food in their whole life." And cue the eye rolls. Okay, it does sound a little smug, and I'll admit that my first response was great, another Gwyneth, but that's only because I feel some guilt that I don't do more of the same. I actually have great admiration for moms like her who are so committed to their children's healthy eating habits and actually find reading about their techniques inspirational.

I do my best, but there's still plenty of junk that sneaks into their diets, and there probably will be more in Lydia's children's when they grow up, go to school, and start going to birthday parties galore. It seems almost inevitable. But when they're young, you may as well try instilling as many of the good habits as you can.

And Lydia seems to know that eliminating every tempting food isn't the way to go either. She told the magazine, "We went to the mall and they had Wetzel's Pretzels. They're children." So it's not like she's not open to splurges once in awhile -- especially for herself, as she admits to eating chocolate every day. "Maybe that's why I don't want to have a huge cheesecake on Saturdays because I've been feeding that urge [for something sweet in moderation] daily."

It sounds like a good, healthy approach to eating for the whole family. And Slade Smiley can just take his cheeseburger comment (he said he's going to call her "cheeseburger" because she needs to eat a few) and stuff it.

Do you think Lydia has a good approach to her kids' nutrition? Do your kids eat fast food?


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abra819 abra819

Give me an effin break. You know SHE doesn't make her own anything. After watching the reunion show, hoy crap does she seem like a brat.

Marcy Jessome

No one should eat fast food! If you do not have it you do not miss it. Good for her but I really want to spend a day with her mother.

Jennifer O'Halloran

I hate her becuase she is doing what I want to do -so really I love her lol  I wish my parents had instilled more rules in me - I am the pickest eater in the world and it's hard to "grow" out of in your 30's

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

I have a 3 year old who will choose a tomato over a cookie any day..... Ever since he was able to eat food I always gave him a bunch of fruit and veggies. However I did not restrict him from sweets or other kinds of food either. When we go out to eat I allow him to choose what he will eat for dinner along with what side he wants. Without fail he will usually chooses the fruit or veggies over the fries. In fact we went to Outback recently and he choose chicken with broccoli, finished the broccoli first and the waiter said that's the first kid he saw choose broccoli on his own and eat it all before the chicken.  I think completely restricting a child will make their temptation harder to beat then allowing them to make their own decisions. I'm not perfect, my child will have fast food every now and then but it's more of a treat. I think the key to good eating is introduce them to the good stuff at a young age and the sweets and things of that sort later on. 

Kate Cooley

Let's be real - she doesn't cook. And the whole "sustainable" thing is a great idea, but not budget conscious for those of us NOT on television.

Tami McKnight

the BUG IS SOOO FAKE.LISTEN BUG take ur fakeass mom her &barneybadass poorly acted scene...and bury back into the ground..BUG..

Daniela Burbage

This is one UGLY  housewife! Day-uum! She is  the SPOON...the stirer of drama. She doesnt even cook....yet  running a blender makes her an expert ? Another laughable fake!

Gayle Buckley

Didn't her husband say on the show that she never cooks. He came home from work and she was boiling pasta and added a jar of sauce for his dinner......

Reali... Realityaddict

You know what, good for her!  You can only control their diets when they are young and hope it sustains itself as they grow older.  What difference does it make if she makes it or someone else does, you people are just being negative.  The point is that she makes sure that they are growing up eating healthy, not whether or not she prepares it or whether or not she is ugly or pretty.....what's wrong with you people?

KnoxM... KnoxMom76

I think its very easy for her to say and do what she is doing because I am sure she has an army of cooks and nannies to help her.  Anyone could live this way when all you have to do is tell someone what to prepare.  I think its great to teach your kids good eating habits and my family does our best to limit "junk" but lets be real!!!  There is always the moment when you are running like crazy and just dont have the time to prepare something healthy....it happens to all the moms like me that dont have someone around to do things for me.

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