Jenelle Evans' Response to Son's Questions About Stepfather Is Unspeakably Cruel (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans son JaceBeing a single mom is never easy, particularly when it comes to new relationships. Some parents handle it with their kids clearly in mind. Then there is Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, who has introduced son Jace to more than his fair share of father figures in his short four years on this planet.

Surprise, surprise, Jace is a little confused these days and he's starting to ask questions, particularly about Courtland Rogers, who is technically his stepfather and Jenelle's husband, despite her relationship with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

How do we know? Oh, because Jenelle videotaped him ... along with her shockingly cruel response to the little boy's confusion. Just watch:


Note Jenelle's explosive laughter. She thinks it's hilarious that her little boy is questioning if his stepfather is in jail? (Lest you excuse that as nervous laughter, I should note the Teen Mom star happened to share this video of Jace talking about Courtland on Twitter with the term "LMFAO.") How about a little compassion? 

Jace is 4 years old. The big people in his life have all the control, and every time he turns around, they are changing!

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I'm hardly suggesting single moms -- even Jenelle -- become nuns for the sake of their kids. It's good for children to see their parents happy, and relationships make us happy. But it's also good for children to have stability in their lives, and a revolving door of mom's (or dad's!!) partners is anything but.

Jenelle owes it to Jace to explain where Courtland has gone in age-appropriate language, to comfort him and help him understand why his stepfather isn't there. She needs to answer his questions with respect, not laughter. She brought this guy into her little boy's life; she has to deal with the result of having made a bad choice.

What SHOULD Jenelle be saying to Jace about Courtland?


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nonmember avatar Hnicole

She is laughing because her husband is in jail while she is obviously riding around in the car with her new boyfriend for one, and she needs to have a talk with jace so that he understands, she cant keep having these trashy guys in her life and introducing every single one of them to jace, she just isnt a good mom at all. her mom needs full custody of jace and janelle shouldnt even get to see him. he has seen so much that he shouldnt the way they all fight, his mom crying all the time she may be doing okay now but how long until something goes wrong and she is right back doing drugs not caring for her child and god knows what else. she will never grow up.

nonmember avatar KC

I didn't actually listen to the video (speakers are broken).. but is Jace strapped in?

Tiffany Osgood

i agree, i don't see what was at all cruel about that. i dated a scumbag myself and when my son still asked about him, i just broke down in tears. more power to her that she can laugh it off. that wasn't cruel at all.

Tiffany Osgood

she's not laughing because he is in jail, HE GOT RELEASED A WHILE AGO. and yes, he is strapped in with a shoulder belt from the left. he's 4

nonmember avatar Tara

Sorry as a divorced single mom I think any woman that introduces a new man into her child's life before they are out of school are selfish and thinking only of themselves. Besides the obvious history of mothers boyfriends molesting and abusing the child , you have to contend with the fact that you are allowing random people into your life. Mother's today seem to only care about a little thing called self fulfillment.

nonmember avatar Erin Anne

Wow Tiffany you sound as if you are right up there with Jenelle as mother of the year nominees.


Why does a 4 year old even know what jail is?

nonmember avatar Elizabeth Meyer

THANK YOU TARA!!!!!!! Completely agree. I too am divorced and refuse to date anyone until after myson graduates high school. I have been divorced for 5 years and my son is nine. I am always disgusted by my friends who sleep with every person about there because they need to prove something. And before anyone says does the father not date either...the answer is no. Yet I have full physical custody and my ex is not allowed to bring any women to the times he has visitation. Are women that pathetically needy that have to have sex more than. Protecting their kids. Slam away sluts!

danie... danielleapril

tara, by your logic kids shouldnt be introtuced to any males since there is a history of men abusing children. i think as long as mom isnt introducing men she barely knows all the time and shes has already established a serious relationship with them, its fine. my mother was one of these women with a revolving door of men, it sucked.

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