Jenelle Evans' Surprising Gift to Jace May Be a Sign That She’s Becoming a Good Mom

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Jenelle's cakeLast Friday was Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' son Jace's fourth birthday, and Evans tweeted out a photo of a really adorable cake that one has to assume she either made herself or someone else in her family made. The cake is Spider-Man and totally awesome. Clearly, with its layers and fondant, it took a lot of work and care. It really seems like maybe Evans is turning it all around.

Clicking over to Evans' Twitter and Facebook feed, it was surprising to find that she, like any mom whose child has a birthday in the summer, spent the weekend baking, planning, and ultimately hosting a gaggle of young kids to celebrate her child.

It was so un-Jenelle-like. So normal. So ... mom-like? Maybe it's true. Maybe Jenelle really is shifting her priorities and finally (finally!) becoming the mom Jace deserves.

It's obviously too early to say for sure just how much Jenelle is shifting. And let's face it: One homemade cake (or really nice, thoughtful store-bought one) does not a good mom make. But it does show effort. It shows that she is trying, and hey, that's more than she has done in the past.

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Being a good mom doesn't take buying a kid things or visiting him on Sundays with lots of treats. It's the day to day slog. It's the making of the lunches and the birthday cakes and the kissing of the boo-boos and the rocking them back to sleep after nightmares.

But every good mom has to start somewhere and maybe, just maybe, Jenelle is shifting her focus away from boys and drugs and parties and back onto her son.

It's a small thing, but her Twitter feed seems less drama and more love for Jace lately. Her Facebook feed looks a lot like that of any young mom. If she IS growing up, then maybe Teen Mom 2 can continue. Or, better yet, maybe there is still time for Jace to have a happy childhood.

Let's hope.

Do you think Jenelle is changing?


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nonmember avatar HelloM'dear

A cake? That's all it takes to be a good mom these days?

Elaine Cox

i hope she is getting clean but it is just a calm down

nonmember avatar stasy

And if you really did read her Twitter you would know she had someone else make that for him and spent time with her boyfriends child until 3pm the day of his paryy

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Or she took a picture of a cake someone else bought/made for her son.

Tara Pruett

Well I must be the best mom in the world then because I plan my daughters party & esp. the cake over half a year sooner so it's perfect! But for real I clicked on this article thinking Jenelle made the cake then read she might of or someone else might of? She will always be a horrible mother then whine to get attention when she wants it. Us real moms are too busy with our kids EVERYDAY.

nonmember avatar Bri

Obviously her dumb ass could not produce a quality cake like that... And seriously, whoever writes this shit is an idiot. NEWS: Jenelle gets son a cake for 4th bday-- mother of the year award! Dumb!

nonmember avatar Jordan

Actually, Jenelle posted Who made the cake, here's what she said specifically--- "Cannot WAIT until I see the finishing result of Jaces cake that @AutumnMaggard is making for him!!!" via twitter, So there :)

artis... artistmom27

Stasy- While someone else made the cake (not everyone is talented enough to make a cake), she was with Jace for his swim lessons had you actually read her twitter and the photos of the party started at 2:39pm.

Tamsin Magnay

Um she bought the cake. Also making a cake does not make amends for not being there for the hard times of parenting

Debbie Scott

wow so all you have to do to be a great mom is bake / buy / or have someone else make your son a cake ... lmao that was epic , how about her being there for him EVERYDAY , not just when she feels the need to be there for a special occasion , this chick is so warped , she will ALWAYS put a man before her son , a good mom is someone who is there for EVERYTHING , not just swim lessons and not just a birthday party , its really sad , but this idiot probably hasn't seen her kid since this birthday party , and what her poor son must think , my mom acts like a mom when something special is going on , this little epic twit better be thanking her lucky damn stars that she has a mother as good as she has , heres an idea , Jenelle , how about looking at how good your mother takes care of your son and learn from her!

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