More Outside Play = Better Eyesight

toddler with glasses


There's hope for my children yet!

My husband and I are both nearsighted and wear glasses or contacts, so I figured my kiddies were doomed to the same fate. Children with two nearsighted parents have a 6 in 10 chance of also being nearsighted, that is, being able to read a magazine but not a speed limit sign.

Luckily, new research tells me that all I have to do to lessen the chances my kids will have to wear glasses is get them outside in the sunlight for about two hours every day. Hey, I can do that!


Of course, I think little kids with glasses are absolutely adorable -- case in point FIVEHAPPYHEARTS's son above. Poor vision can also be complicated and lots of other factors may be involved, but if there's even the slightest chance that something so simple may help to avoid it ...

The new research says that children who spend more than 14 hours a week in the open air can actually reduce their risk of myopia to 2 in 10 -- just a tad more than children without myopic parents. It doesn't matter what they are doing while outside; both active sports and quiet time were equally protective against nearsightedness, while inside sports were not.

Doctors aren't sure why outdoor time prevents myopia, but want my theory?

When your kids are outdoors, they are NOT in front of the computer or TV.

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