28 Totally Bizarre Questions Every Mom Has Asked Herself

someecards.com - Lately, I've found myself asking my readers rhetorical parenting questions in a not so overt attempt to assuage guilt and make sure I'm not alone. Last week's guilt driven query was: Is it wrong for the "Tooth Fairy" to steal money from one kid to pay the other?

PS: The answer according to my Facebook Fans is a resounding no. Whew. Though I fear that armed with this knowledge, I may be asking them next week if the same goes for paying the pizza delivery guy. Oh well.

That said, I'm guessing there is a slew of questions every mom will ask herself at least once -- here are just a few...

You know you wanna add one ... go for it!

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nonmember avatar april

Why can't my son keep a thought in his head (that doesn't pertain to video games/tv/friends) longer than 30 seconds?

Is my sarcasm and twisted sense of humor screwing up my over dramatic pre-teen? (for example, every time she sighs dramatically and says " OH. MY. GOD." I respond with "Becky, Look at her but" and my husband and I start singing Baby Got Back in unison)

Mary Faulkner

The car WILL NOT start until every seat belt has been buckled!

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

How long can I keep them believing that the ice cream truck only plays music when it's out of ice cream?

nonmember avatar jenet

that its the law you have to be in bed By 8 pm and or the sleeping police will get you ....i

insei... inseineangel

Lmao, April, I've been doing that to my little sister since she was about 10. 12 years later, she still tries to hit me every time I start singing it. 

nonmember avatar lolabear

April.......sorry can't stop laughing! That is the perfect "torture" for a teen/preteen! I can see the eyes rolling!

danie... daniegrrl

Honestly I have never asked myself anyone of those questions.

Diana Dannemiller White

I am laughing so hard right now.  Thank you April, I'll add that to my "you are not my mother" list of things to do to my daughter.you rock

Renee S. Laurent-Prater

Are you sure it's illegal to sell humans, especially children, on E-Bay? I swear...I'm ready to ship them off to the highest bidder. LOL

Stacy Camarenamora

When will they finally learn that the motion detectors for our alarm really aren't camera's?

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