Jenelle Evans’ Parenting Advice for Farrah Abraham Ain’t Half Bad

pacifierI was shocked, shocked! yesterday to discover Farrah Abraham, author of pacifier addiction recovery narrative Passy's Perfume, had allowed her daughter Sophia to hit the binky again. Oh Farrah! But I wasn't the only one. Fellow Teen Momer Jenelle Evans noticed Sophia's relapse, too, and offered some advice for weaning the girl from the pacifier once and for all.

Yeah, I know, Jenelle Evans. But before you snort at the very idea, let's hear what she says. It's actually some pretty helpful advice.

Jenelle admits that Jace was using a bottle until he was 3 years old -- also too long. But I think that means Jenelle really gets how difficult it is to wean preschool-aged kids from their comfort objects. Her first idea for Farrah sounds like a winner: "What was a very good idea we did for Jace was throw a mini ‘Goodbye Bottle’ party at my mom's house. Ever since then he hasn't wanted to use it."

I love that -- throw a party. Not only does it make quitting the binky a big deal, it also turns it into a positive. It's a celebration, something to look forward to. Farrah should be prepared for Sophia to wake up the following day saying, "Okay, party's over, now give me my pacifier again." I've heard kids do that. But then you just cheerfully remind your child that she gave that up with a lot of fanfare, and there were witnesses, remember? (Haha, kidding, your kid is not going to care about the witnesses.)

Jenelle's other suggestion may sting a little for Farrah. "Maybe Farrah should get Sophia around kids her age more often so then maybe her daughter will want to be more independent and grow up a little." Kind of implies Farrah isn't setting up enough playdates for Sophia -- and how would Jenelle know? But if Sophia isn't hanging around other kids her age, she should be.

Now will Farrah heed Jenelle's advice? After all, these two have been feuding. I hope Farrah can overcome her disdain for Jenelle and appreciate what she's being offered here. You don't have to love the messenger to appreciate the message.

What do you think of Jenelle's advice for Farrah?


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cleig... cleigh717

God advice. Im sure barbra has taught her daughter a lot.


I remember throwing a No More Diaper/Pull Up Shindig.  We danced all the way to the garbage can.  The twins LOVED it!bouncing mom

nonmember avatar Tina

We had a party for the pacifier and then "sent him on a vacation" to her grandparents house. Lasted a day, then she thought she was dying. Then we took it away again a few weeks later, she did ok, then had night terrors every night. We dealt with the night terrors for about a month and decided it was enough and gave the pacifier back and she is back to her old self. No clue HOW we are going to get rid of this damn thing once and for all.

nonmember avatar mummyof2

Im lucky my son gave up his dummy at 18 months and my daughter did the same at 9 months

MammaSam MammaSam

We did the paci fairy in our house. Z and I took a tissue box and decorated it all fancy to attract the paci fairys attention and every time she put a paci in the box, the next morning she would find a dollar for every one of them. Shes steadily put more and more pacifiers in (we had a LOT) and she got more and more dollars. When the last one went bye bye we took her "big girl bucks" she earned and she had a mini shopping spree at the dollar tree. She was 20 months so she understood enough to enjoy the process but not so much that she saw through the story lol. Every time she wanted her paci (which wasn't often) she got out her stuff she bought and played with them. It worked wonderfully for us.

since... sincerelyjessxo

When my brother was little they had a hard time getting him to give it up. We had bunnies in the yard all the time. My grandmother would take them away when he didn't notice and shed tell him the baby bunnies needed it. He didn't really mind after that.

nonmember avatar Laura

JAK momma...Nice mommy bashing. Feel better about yourself?

caleb... calebsmama12312

jak momma I honestly don't like arguing but you really have no idea what a night terror is do you? My son has been having them since 6mo and it is absolutely heart breaking. It is NOT the same as a nightmare. There's really not too much to do for your child who is screaming in complete terror and it can last very long. My son has screamed for over an hour sometimes. If there was anything I could do to take that away for him, I would. It is not just a tantrum & they don't know they're doing it. They don't even remember the next morning.

Kerry Barlow

Jace was throw a mini ‘Goodbye Bottle’ party

Sailo... Sailorriggs

Jak momma you are a "jacked up momma" if you think it's okay to bash other mothers like that! Every child handles things differently and night terrors are the real deal! My son started getting them when I went to bootcamp and hasn't gotten over them it's been over two years... He father weaned him off the pacifier while I was away I don't know quite how he did it. I think a party is a great idea though!

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