6 Easy Ways to Create a Bratty, Self-Entitled Child

Girl poutingWhen it comes to life, I'm all about ease. If we're talking commutes, cooking, clothing, you name, easier is usually better in my book. When it comes to parenting, however, taking the easy way out can have some hard-knock consequences down the road.

No one wants to listen to the whining, the crying, and complaining, and we all want to spare our children as much heartache as possible. We want to give them every advantage in life, and minimize the bumps in the road for all involved. Unfortunately, our overzealous attempts to pave the way result in spoiled, self-entitled children.

I'll be the first to admit that I've been guilty of many of these things; I think we all are from time to-time. And it's not that any one of them on occasion is going to create a brat, rather it's an accumulation of many over time that can be problematic. See how many of these easy ways out you take as a parent.

1. Making multiple meals

No one wants to see their child go hungry or eat to the drone of complaints every night, but moms who make different meals for everyone are doing no one any favors -- especially themselves.

2. Buying siblings birthday gifts when it's not their birthday

Sure it might avoid some fighting or moping when all of the gifts go to one child, but that's what birthdays are about -- one person's special day.

3. Medals for everyone

Giving kids a medal just for playing on a team is more than just a waste of money, it takes away the significance of a real medal when they actually earn one someday. Sure it's easier than seeing them cry if they don't get one, but they have to learn about losing and winning sometime.

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4. Never telling them they're wrong

Sometimes their friend/teacher/another adult is in the right, and your child is wrong. It's that simple, though many parents refuse to acknowledge this and look to blame anyone but their own child.

5. Not making them do chores

Yes, it's easier to just do it ourselves oftentimes, but they're not learning anything if we do. It may take an hour of whining for a 10-minute job, but the lesson is worth it.

6. Bribing them

This is my most common infraction --dangling something in front of them to make them obey. Then I wonder why when I ask them to do something simple they say, "what will you give me?"

What easy ways out do you take as a parent?


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caral... caralicious

My husband does and his ex do all these things with their son. As a result he is just horrible.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I don't do any of those things lol. My parents didn't do them with me either. Which is why my kids are usually well behaved aside from the occasional whining

chech... chechimansmama

My SIL just does nothing. Its like she tunes her son out. He is horrrible and cries for everything @ 6 yrs old. We can be at my hubby's grandma's house andbthebkid is running a muck and she says nothing.. just pretends to not see it until he breaks something or me or the hubby tell him something then she decides to be a disciplinarian. It drives me nuts.

kelti... kelticmom

Ugh. My SIL does most of these with my nephews and they are the most whining, ill behaved brats. I don't like my son even being around them. All the 7 year old will eat (besides candy and junk) is peanut butter and cinnamon sandwiches. No meat, no fruit, certainly no vegetables. And the 9 year old is not much better. And they are both "ADHD" . I have serious doubts about that, I just think they are spoiled. I don't even go to their birthdays because I refuse to buy presents for BOTH kids and then still have to sit and listen to them whine because they didn't get exactly what they wanted or that the other got more.

Freela Freela

I agree with some and not with others. It honestly doesn't bother me making another meal (or tweaking a meal) to make it something my child would rather eat. I make a separate meal for myself most of the time anyhow (I'm a vegetarian, the rest of the family is not.) It's not a hassle to separate out one kids' pasta so she can have a different sauce, or to cut up veggies along with the meatless tacos so the kids who don't like the spicy stuff can make veggie wraps instead.

kckcm2 kckcm2

Suddenly it makes sense why my sister in laws are raging bitches

mygar... mygardenia

I agree with Freela here and also the present thing... for the gifts it depends on the age....when they are at an age that you can communicate that it is not "your" birthday and you will not be getting gifts, it works out.

If my one kid hates fish and the rest of the family loves it....well I will make fish for the rest of the family for that night "blank" for the rest......this is not every night of course....we all have to make sacrifices. 

nonmember avatar Hunter

Interesting Julie...since you are extremely entitled yourself...missing your child's bday to go to LA. Guess your mommy screwed up too? Ironic judging parents when you have less than stellar credentials yourself.

nonmember avatar HBC1265

OK so buying a toy for a sibling whose birthday it isn't is bad? Wow I thought it was called being a decent parent. The child with the birthday knows its their day and receives all the attention. There is nothing wrong with giving a small token to the sibling. Cooking a separate dish for a child who does not like being served the same thing as everyone else...is also wrong? Pardon me but my main goal is to get the child to eat SOMETHING.....

Julie....hate to break it to you as a mom who leaves her kid on his tenth birthday - you would be the LAST person I would take parenting advice from. It's obvious you have issues...seek therapy dear.

katyq katyq

I agree with all of them.

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