18-Month-Old Girl Rescued From Store's Awning After Crawling Out 2nd Story Window (VIDEO)


baby on awningWhen I think of children sneaking out windows, I think of teenagers who are setting off to do all sorts of things that give me nightmares. A toddler in Brooklyn, however, recently made her own daring escape, and it should make all parents look more closely at their windows.

According to ABC, it happened last Friday. The 18-month-old girl's grandmother, who was watching her, didn't even know she was gone after she crawled out a second-story window and fell to a store's awning below. Shocked neighbors saw the child crawling precariously close to the edge and jumped into action.

Qing Chen, who was working in the pharmacy across the street, told Eyewitness 7 News:

She was crawling back and forth and to the edge she was about to fall off. And that's when we yelled at her and crawled back to where the letter 'O' was and she sat there. We screamed at her [and] said "Don't move" and she started crying and she just sat there.

They tried to use a ladder, but it wasn't tall enough. Then Chen ran up to the apartment and knocked on the door. "I'm like, 'Your baby is outside, she's about to fall, I need to get her,'" he told the station.

The windows wouldn't budge open, but he was able to crawl through a small space where the air conditioning unit was and got out there to rescue her, while other neighbors waited below, ready to catch her if she fell. While she was taken to the hospital for observation, she didn't appear to have any injuries.

So phew. But the fact is we've seen too many of these stories before -- of small children crawling or falling out of windows. Not all of them have endings as happy as this, and sometimes it means injury or even death for children. Not only is it a reminder that toddlers need to be watched at all times, it's also a reminder about the dangers windows can present -- especially in these hot summer months.

So if you haven't already, please check your windows. Make sure they're secure and have any necessary alarms and locks in place to prevent incidents like this from happening. When they're crafty teenagers, however ... lord help us all.

Has your child ever tried to escape your home? Are your home's windows secure?


Image via NBC

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JS0512 JS0512

Oh this made me sick to my stomach.  I'm so glad someone noticed her and that she is safe.  Everything in our house is on lockdown.  My youngest started walking at 10 months old and mastered climbing baby gates and opening doors (even with knob covers on them) soon after that!

numba... numba_1_stunna

How on earth did this happen? If the windows wouldn't open? And what the hell was the grandma doing that she didn't notice the toddler was gone?

Jilectan Jilectan

Maybe the baby went through the ac unit space like the rescuer did? And toddlers are really good at sneaking off and doing things you don't want them to do. It sounds like grandma might not be a good choice of babysitter. Maybe she just can't keep up with a toddler anymore. No shame in that, there's a reason older people don't have kids, aside from the whole menopause thing. They just don't always have the energy for that anymore.

Tarot Tarot

Baby could have been taking a nap. Or at least, supposed to.

Donna Houle Richie

Lucky neighbor And worker  pharmacy saw Child Yell at her to stop not to move This Little child Could die frm falling from 2 story building god must been looking after her two people Saw her try get her down & told her to stop Not to move.

danit... danithegreat

We had our eltric go out like 2 times this weekend blowing the AC fuse so we had to have the windows open. Oh man did we make them all impossible to get too & the one she could stayed locked because she went straight to the screen. These toddlers are crazy only takes them a second it's scary.

nonmember avatar JB

I'm asking the same question as Numba_1_stunna. How could this baby crawl out of the second story window when the windows in the apartment wouldn't budge open?????

youth... youthfulsoul

Window guards people. That's what baby proofing is all about!

zebel... zebella27

I'm glad at least somebody was paying attention to the baby!!  Thank goodness for that good samaritan!

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