Mom Confession: My Toddler Still Uses a Bottle


My toddler still takes a bottle and I don't careI have four kids, and none of them really took a bottle until my fourth child popped out. And wow, as much as I breastfed her (almost a year, thank you very much), she loves her bottle. And hey, that's fine with me because I was able to leave her a bit more.

Now she's almost 3 and still takes a bottle at naptime and bedtime and guess what? I really don't care what anybody thinks.

Here's the thing: With that bottle at naptime and bedtime, my toddler goes to sleep with no issues at all. And if you've had a baby, like me, who fought you tooth and nail about sleeping, then you know any sort of break when it comes to bedtime is welcome, even if it means continuing a bottle past what people deem is "appropriate."

Also, who are these people anyway? When did they decide that there was a certain age where all bottles must be discontinued?

We're not parenting robots, by the way. They're our kids, and what might work for some kids might not work for others.

Plus, I've got four kids, and to have one less person to fight over bedtime and sleep, well, I'll take it. As much flack as some people want to give me about it, I'm happy for them to come over to my house at around 8 p.m. on a Wednesday night and see for themselves.

I figure she won't be going to sleep with a bottle in her mouth when she's in college, and if it makes my life easier and doesn't hurt her, then why not continue doing it.

Before I had kids, I had all these pre-conceived notions about what parents should and shouldn't do, and let me tell you, the toddler with the bottle was one of them.

Now, after having kids, I realize that sometimes you have to do what you need to do to survive your days (and nights). So have a bottle, kid, maybe two. If it gives both of us more sleep, I'm happy to oblige.

How old was your baby when they stopped taking a bottle?


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B1Bomber B1Bomber

My oldest was`close to 18 months, and my youngest is still only 6 months, so he's got time still :)

nonmember avatar rhianon

i stopped giving my daughter a bottle at about 2 1/2 probably a little befote that. But she is 3 now, and i still occassionally will give her a sippy cup similar to a bottle at bedtime/naptime.

nonmember avatar blue

OK. So you are just super lazy, and justify your laziness. Got it.

Sirena Robinson

My daughter is nearly 2 and still takes one at naptime and bedtime. Our doctor told us not to wean her until she's 2 because she's underweight and the bottle is extra calories.

Allis... AllisonWD

The bottle is extra calories? Pretty sure if you put the milk in a cup (which is developmentally what they're supposed to be doing at that age), it'd be the same amount of calories.

nonmember avatar Candice

I got lucky since my 4yr old niece with downs actually taught my 9mo daughter how to drink from a straw. She is now 18mos old and drinking from a cup! Thanks to my awesome niece, who is now teaching my daughter to use the potty as well. But I do agree as long as it is not harming the child who cares if a bottle is used at nap/bed time. People are way too judgemental.

caleb... calebsmama12312

As long as they know how to drink from a cup as well I really don't see the problem either.

nonmember avatar Johnie

I stopped giving my son a bottle at 11 mos and had been working on a tipsy cup since 6 mos. The only time he had a bottle was for milk. When started weaning off the formula and more towards coconut milk/v8 juice. they were given in a tipsy cup. he is 15 mos now and wouldnt know what to do with a bottle.

fave82 fave82

You're gonna get a lot of shit from people on here (as we see from blue).. My daughter is a little over 2 and still takes a bottle at bedtime. Rest of the time she uses a cup. I have no plans to change it, shell wean herself eventually.

nonmember avatar Opal

I hope you have good dental coverage because that kid's teeth are going to rot out of her head. Bottles at bedtime cause cavities, which is why any dentist or doctor worth his salt would have you put a stop to this.

I had a baby who was not a good sleeper, who still doesn't sleep well as a 3 year old, but I deal with it.

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