Mother With Breast Cancer Finds Out Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Has Leukemia

mother daughter sickIn one of the saddest stories I have ever heard, in Oregon, a mother and daughter are both battling cancer at the same time. Summar Ruelle, 36, was diagnosed with Stage IV (advanced) breast cancer last year, and soon after her 3-year-old daughter Sapphire was diagnosed with leukemia as well. They are circumstances most of us couldn't even imagine, but one family is living them every single day.

Sadly, Summar's diagnosis is far worse. Her cancer had spread and her treatments are severe and debilitating as a result. Sapphire's prognosis is better -- up to 90 percent of children with her type of cancer are cured. Still, it's hard enough on any family to have one member with cancer, let alone two.

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They are amazing. It's true. But a 3-year-old, especially a sick one, needs her mom to be strong, and a sick mom needs to know her child is healthy and strong. For both of them, this must be so incredibly difficult.

As a 12-year-old, my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. While it didn't affect my day to day life, I certainly remember being scared and deeply traumatized by it. And then she died when I was 16, which was a whole other trauma. It's hard to imagine going through all that while also being sick myself.

Though Summar says she and her daughter have an amazing bond, my heart breaks at the way they earned it. No family should have to go through this. The father has had to quit his job to care for the family full-time, and the 6-year-old son is often with family members and friends who have offered to watch him. 

There is a fund-raising site set up to help the family. That is helping with at least one portion of the pain, but the larger part is a thing only doctors can really help them with.

As a parent, all we want in the world is to care for our children when they are sick. We want to take their pain on as our own. I can only imagine what I might feel in this situation, feeling so helpless while my little girl suffers and I suffer, too.

Moms don't get to be sick. They especially don't get to be sick when their kids are sick, too. Sadly, for Summar, this is not something she can control. She has to be sick. Hopefully she can look at it like regaining her strength so she can be the best mother her daughter needs. I wish I could help in some way other than sending money. I can only imagine how hard this must be for them.

Have you ever been sick at the same time as your child? What did you do?


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Sirena Robinson

What the hell? This is tragic, and you're making it out to be a conspiracy! This poor man is about to potentially lose his wife and his daughter. Insted of being sympathetic to what he must be going through, you accuse him of committing murder. What kind of monster are you?

PerkyMe PerkyMe

My heart and prayers goes out to this family.  

Pixie030 Pixie030

@cindy, I completely agree with your comment about that lady's posts. I have been catching her show on every story that has been posted in the past few days. I would like to say she is doing all those comments just to see what kind of reaction she is going to get.. kind of like how I perceive Amanda Bynes is not as crazy as she looks on her twitter acct and is just doing a lot of it to make herself famous  again. Though with every person who can convince the world they are crazy..there is still some truth to it. Sad thing is, I have met a few older women in my past that you would totally envision sitting in front of their tv with a tinfoil cap on to keep the govt. from reading their minds, (men too).. so anything we say directly to her won't matter in changing her opinion. With reading the stories she first commented on though, I just wanted to say ..she kind of reminded me of that older movie, Sybil. Mostly directed towards Sybils mother and the way she thought..

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Trolls be trippin'...

When my son was a toddler he got rotavirus and very generously shared it with me and his dad. That was a pretty awful week so I can't imagine how hard it is when you add in all the appointments and fear of death.

nonmember avatar Amy

What a tragically sad story!!!! I hope the mother lasts long enough to see her daughter go into remission.

merma... mermaid13dragon

so sad! and all I want to know is WHAT TOXIC CHEMICALS were they both unknowingly exposed to? What agriculture is nearby, spraying incredibly cancer causing pesticides which drift over rural communities? Which unlabeled toxic chemicals were used unknowingly around their house to clean or install items. When cancer shows up in two generations, we need to look at the cause and the cause is what is present in the immediate living environment. Do they live near a superfund site - we have them everywhere and often residents have no idea.   So sad, and if we had stronger safe chemical laws to label such things, people might be more informed and possibily be able to prevent exposure such as this, which destroys live.


nonmember avatar kaerae

Why don't you all just ignore "Lydia?" She is obviously a plant to up the comments and increase ad revenue? Are you really that gullible?

youth... youthfulsoul

So sad. I pray they both pull through.

angel... angelfalls58

Sad story..prayers being for Lydia, My guess is the lights are on, but nobodys home.

Lauren Wasinger

Lydia: If you knew anything about science you might know something about genetics. le sigh. I agree with PP, mods please delete that hateful, viscious and scientifically inaccurate post. P.S. if he was generally irradiating his wife and child, he'd have to be living in a lead suit not to get it himself, which someone might have noticed by now. Dummy.

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