Toddlers Escape From Cribs & Other Prisons When They Think Mommy's Not Looking (VIDEO)

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mission impossible babies escapeHave you ever walked inside your toddler's room, found her wandering around, and wondered, "How the hell did you get out of your crib?!?" Oh they're so sweet and helpless as newborns. But given time, every kid eventually becomes a master escape artist. And now we have video evidence of their tricks. Witness! Mission Impossible: Babies Escape -- a montage of the most daring escapes ever known to toddlerkind. 

Parents, are you prepared to see your worst nightmare come true? Okay, not really your worst, worst nightmare. But there's a reason those cribs have bars ...

My favorite -- that toddler at the end who helps their twin escape, too. And then raises the crib railing back up! 

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When Junior escapes for the first time, you know your life is about to change for the worse. The kid's on to you! She's on the loose. Nothing can contain her now. I just have one question: What do they do once they escape? What are they after? What's their plan? I have the feeling those kids' parents are about to find out the hard way.

Are you amazed at your toddler's escape skills?


Image via newcaven/YouTube

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keelh... keelhaulrose

LOL. We have a little escape artist, too. If we put the crib matress any lower it'll be on the floor, and she'll still figure a way out.

kckcm2 kckcm2

At the point where my daughter discovered the escape routes we decided it ess just time to convert to the toddler bed. Lol putting the railing back up was awesome.

Jenn Joyner

My mother told me that when I learned to escape she put a mattress under my crib and taught me how to flip outta the crib so she knew I was at least getting out safely

Janis... Janis_1975

loved the one that put the crib side down and back up, very smart

nonmember avatar Shannon

Acutally, keelhaulrose, I just did that --- my twins were born early and are not cognitively ready to handle sleeping in a bed, though they are capable of climbing out of their cribs!

Lawana Kamulda

When my son was about 18 months old, one night he was just standing in the hallway looking into our bedroom. We hadn't heard him climb out of his crib at all! Toddler bed the next day, haha.

lolacola lolacola

my aon escaped and just came looking for us lol @ 10 months old

surprise mini

femal... femaleMIKE

That was so freaking cute.

Margaret Seda

that video so made my morning!

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