Scott Disick Reportedly Swears at Group of Women in Front of His Kids but Is That So Bad?

Oh that Scott Disick. Sometimes he just seems like the worst partner a woman could possibly have. Other times, he's kinda sweet and seems like a fabulous dad. I guess that is what keeps us tuning in to Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- just wondering how ol' Scottie will turn out. Well, if this latest rumor is any indication, Scott hasn't changed his ways that much. RadarOnline is reporting that Scott got into an altercation with a group of women in a hotel lobby, and began swearing up a storm -- all with his kids, Mason and Penelope, right there!


According to therapist and writer Emily Roberts, Scott began screaming at her and her coworkers, calling them "bitches" and "c**ts" -- all in front of his young kids. It all apparently started because one of Emily's coworkers dared to approach Lord Disick and ask for a photo. Says Emily:

Scott was like, "No you girls are crazy! Get away from me!" He was being very dismissive and inappropriate. Very unkind. Very vulgar. I was appalled.

He also apparently dropped the F-bomb a bunch of times and hurled a bunch of derogatory names for females at them.

Yikes. Emily, of course, tells the whole story from her point of view -- leaving out whatever the women may have done to rile Scott up so badly. But should he really be swearing like this in front of the kids no matter what they might have done?

I totally get parents dropping the F-bomb or letting slip a vulgar term occasionally in front of the chillins. It happens. We're all human. We lose it sometimes. If the kids don't hear it from us, they're gonna hear it from someone else at some point.

But the other day I heard a woman, who had four kids in tow, swearing up a storm at a man she felt was blocking her way. She must have dropped the F-bomb like 20 times. I looked at the kids. They seemed utterly frozen. Terror-stricken at her behavior. Embarrassed. Trapped. I felt really bad for them.

So if Scott did this, the kids suffered. Although Penelope is still too young to understand whatever Scott might have said, she would have picked up on his out-of-control behavior. Mason would have understood it all. And somewhere in the back of his mind, he's now thinking it's okay to call women "c**ts" just like dad does.

I think it's more about your tone and your demeanor than your language. Saying something like, "Oh F me!" when you stub your toe is a different matter altogether from screaming, "F you!" at some woman in the park when your kid is there.

If Scott did this -- and of course this is just one person's side of the story -- then he was way out of line.

Do you swear at people in front of your kids?

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