Toddlers Are Overdosing on Pot Brownies & Cookies: What Are Their Parents Thinking?

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cookieThere are lot of problematic health statistics and rates we expect to rise. Sadly, childhood obesity is a problem that just keeps getting worse and along with that come a myriad of illnesses no child should have to face. But doctors are noticing another disturbing trend. There is an increase in the number of toddlers coming into ERs suffering from a marijuana overdose.

Kids have gotten into their parent's medical marijuana. Now sold in candy, cookies, brownies, and more, presumably the child cannot recognize it's only for mommy or daddy.

Medical staff at the Banner Poison and Drug Center in Phoenix saw 10 cases in all of 2012. But just six months into 2013, they have already seen that many little patients, several as young as 1. Children's Hospital Colorado, another state where medical marijuana is legal, has also seen a dramatic rise on overdoses among children under 12. They come in with symptoms that vary from listless and loopy to actually being comatose. It's frightening -- and not just for the parents.

In many instances, the doctors initially have no idea what the cause is. They will do a myriad of tests in a desperate attempt to figure out the ailment. When that fails, they order a drug scan, something kids typically don't receive.

Doctors say the solution is more secure packaging and warning labels. But honestly, preventing this is the parent's responsibility. Where people are so careful to put other prescription medications high up in medicine cabinet, they seem to be more lax about this drug. That's especially dangerous considering these pot-laced products look just like the snacks kids love and are usually allowed to have. I know a lot of people think marijuana is harmless, but these cases should show that is just not the case when it comes to kids.

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Do you think parents are to blame for this?

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kckcm2 kckcm2

Jeebus I'm all for legalization but treat it like medication, alcohol, cigarettes, sharp knives or Hell even like pennies, out of their damn reach.

nonmember avatar Dee

Agreed! Common sense people

blunt... bluntcakes


just because some people are irresponsible that doesnt mean everyone is. 

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

Hahahahaha!! Stupid potheads brainwashed themselves into believe pot is 100% totally completely harmless in any dosage!! It's this idiotic thinking that's preventing pot from getting legalized.

nonmember avatar kristi

I remember a story from about a year ago (if memory is correct) where people were in an uproar because a toddler had gotten into a bag of pot brownies or cookies. However this mom had carefully labeled the bag they were in and stored it in the back of the freezer. Short of putting the bag under lock and key I would say that that mom had stored her items in a safe way. Who's going to think that a toddler is going to get into the back of the freezer? Until it happens that is. Just like you don't know your kid can open the front door until they do one day. Don't assume that these parents just left their pot candy in the candy dish on the coffee table. Yes it's possible, but not probable. They probably thought they had it in a safe place but because of it's appearance the kid was more motivated to get to it then a bottle of tylenol.

nonmember avatar Common.Sense

So, say it with me now! DRUGS ARE BAD!! Once more with feeling, everyone! DRUGS. ARE. EFFING. BAD. That garbage is illegal for a REASON. As an EMT, I've seen too many people paranoid on that garbage get injured or killed that I don't know how ANYONE could call it safe!!!

kckcm2 kckcm2

@Kristi, fair enough I'll give you some of these being accidental sure to quick fingers going somewhere their not supposed to for the first time. However, that being said, knowing it's in cookie/candy form, I personally would be putting it under lock and key. Jmo but when it is in a more enticing form, you take the extra steps to dip it from being gotten a hold of.

kckcm2 kckcm2

Btw I keep my alcohol in a locked liquor cabinet. Just saying.

5Poin... 5PointedHuman

Thankfully it was ust marijuana and not something really dangerous like advil, prozac, xanax, or iron tablets. 

Samantha Hendrick

you ppl are all so stupid educate youselfs on this website

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