Latest Nightmare Bounce House Accident Puts Moms on High Alert This Summer (VIDEO)

bounce houseIf you didn't already loathe bounce houses enough, here's a story they may scare you out of ever letting your kid in one again. Alissa Lamm, 2, was in one at a local festival in Westport, Washington, last weekend. There she was happily bouncing along when all of a sudden, the generator died, and the bounce house began to deflate.

According to ABC, Alissa, who weighs just 26 pounds, was stuck inside along with two small boys. Her father, Richard Lamm, told the station: "She was trapped. All that rubber and vinyl was pressed in on her; it would have suffocated her.”


Fortunately a brave 10-year-old girl, Ryann Raffelson was there, and she climbed in and saved all of the children. First she brought out the boys, then she went back in for Alissa. Everyone was fine, thanks to her quick action.

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It's a great, happy ending, and Rafffelson is definitely a hero, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that this bounce house collapsed, and kids could have been suffocated. As fun as they are -- and they are indeed fun -- they are just problems waiting to happen. In addition to collapsing we've seen:

Those that blow away while kids are still inside them.

Reports that there's dangerous lead in them.

Statistics that say approximately 30 bounce-house-related injuries are reported in the U.S. every day.

I don't want to be a party pooper, but they sure don't have a good track record. I still let my kids go in them at parties (or I did before reading this story), but it doesn't mean I don't cringe each time they do.

Does this change your mind about letting your kids go in bounce houses?


Image via ABC

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