Family Gets Kicked Off Plane Because Their 19-Month-Old Has a Cut on Her Cheek

easyjet planeWe've seen kids and their families kicked off planes for tantrums and other disruptive behavior in the past, and in some cases, it's understandable. This story in which a family was booted because their daughter had a small scratch on her face, however, is completely outrageous.

It started after a lovely vacation Laura Bishop, 36, and her partner John Maitland, 33, had with their 19-month old daughter Robyn. While getting ready to board their easyJet flight to their home back to Newcastle, England, Robyn fell and scraped her cheek on a radiator. Her parents checked it out, determined she was fine, and boarded the plane, ready to go home and unpack and unwind after all the travel. That's when a flight attendant saw the scrape, got the pilot, and everyone freaked out.

Laura, who is seven months pregnant, told Skynews:

I couldn’t believe it. I started crying and I was pleading with him, saying, "This is ridiculous, we’re only going to Newcastle, it’s about an hour’s flight," but he insisted that he wouldn’t fly us. The pilot said that the eye being a delicate area -- he couldn't tell if it would get worse during the flight.

She said it wasn't her eye, it was the skin beneath it, and honestly pictures don't look that bad at all. Laura said it didn't even really bleed; it was "just a little red mark on her face."

The pilot wouldn't relent though and the family was made to leave the plane. They had to get a medical certificate proving she was safe to fly, and when they went to get it, Laura said the doctor asked if they were joking.

Once kicked off the plane, you would think the airline would at least have helped them get home. Not so, says Laura. Instead they were left to find and pay for a place to stay for the next three days until another flight was available. Unbelievable. You know how it is at the end of a trip. You're exhausted, and you just want to get home. To have the possibility of something like this happening over a small scrape makes flying with my kids more terrifying than ever.

I understand airlines have to set the welfare of all passengers as the highest priority; however, this is just absurd. Maybe they want to give everyone a full physical before allowing them to board? People board planes all the time with coughs, stomach bugs, and lord knows what else. To make this family leave for a scratch seems overzealous to say these least. These parents obviously felt their daughter was fine and should have been trusted to make that decision. And if the airline was truly that worried about the girl's welfare, then it should have done a whole lot more to help the family than just kicking them off and making them fend for themselves.

Do you find this story outrageous?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes. This is strange. The pilot and flight attendant should stick to what they know...they are not part of the medical community. This is dumb if that is what really happened.

LostS... LostSoul88

as outrages as it sounds, te airline was protecting themselves. They don't know what would ahve happened to that little girl once they mid-air. To me yes it is dumb as hell but I also see the airlines side too. Peopel sue over everything. If something would have happened to that little girl while flying, who's to say the family wouldn't have sued for the airline allowing that little girl to fly?

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

And if something had happened to the child you know these people would be suing.

silve... silverdawn99

that scratch is pretty big for an infant

Good for the pilot for sticking to his guns

AniAngel AniAngel

That's crazy, she needed a small bandaid and a flight home.

Michele Perkins Thompson

What on earth did they think would happen to her if she did fly?  This is completely crazy!!  Seriously, what could have possibly happened.

Alice Barber

sorry but, the picture looks much worse then "just a scratch".

MabFae MabFae

@ Alice Barber. The picture isn't exactly the clearest, though. 

If airlines are going to kick people of the plane for reasons other than being annoying or violent, the airline should help to transfer tickets to another airline, grant a refund so the people can pay for their next ticket, etc. 


Ariel Evans

I have to agree that the picture shows much bigger/worse than what was in my mind when I read 'a small scratch on her face'. 

I'm flying with my twin 4 year old in less than a week---and I'm armed with bandaids (packed before I read this) because I know they get hurt. I would have slapped a bandaid on that and gone on my way.  

Destiney Marsh Fischer

That's more then a scratch and her eye does look swollen,  I don't blame the pilot, to be honest when I read the Story I was like how lame! but after seeing it not being a medical professional I would require a Drs note as well to cover my behind if I were him. 

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