Parents Say 3-Year-Old 'Volunteered' to be Bone Marrow Donor -- Yeah, Right (VIDEO)

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bone marrowHaving a sick child is a parent's worst nightmare. Though for some, a miracle cure is found in a sibling. That is the case for 1-year-old Samantha Kessler, who was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called thalassemia. According to the parents, her 3-year-old big brother Jameson has volunteered to give his bone marrow. As they describe it, sounds like it was all the idea of this sweet-faced toddler.  Though, I bet these parents are not being totally truthful with us.

His family calls him a superhero -- and he most certainly is. That transplant will help Samantha avoid a life of anemia, monthly blood transfusions, and a short life expectancy. (It' so rare, only a 1000 people have thalassemia in the U.S. and they usually don't live past age 40.) Jameson put it best when he boasted, "I'll save her." He has even started calling himself "Marrow Man."

I think this is an amazing thing for this child to do. If there is a close family member in need, I think of this as more of a duty than a sacrifice. But it's doubtful that child made this serious medical decision without prodding from his parents.

I have to ask, why would they feel the need to make it seem as though he came to this very serious medical decision by himself? Is it to assuage their own guilt for putting their young child through this painful surgery? Fact of the matter is, no one would blame them for making Jameson help his sister. Most of us would do the exact same thing. He clearly wants to and that is what he should do. However, there is no way a 3-year-old could come to this conclusion on his own.


Do you think the parents pushed Jameson to donate his bone marrow?

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femal... femaleMIKE

doi, his parents put it in his head.  Not that it was a bad thing to do. 

nonmember avatar Kyrie Kessler

As his mother, how dare you! You don't know my children. Check your facts, though very serious, bone marrow donation is not extremely painful, he us expected to have mild discomfort afterwards. He is the smartest 3 year old I know and will be 4 at time of donation. He is not being forced to do anything. He is excited. And frankly it's none of your concern. Way to take the glory away from this selfless act he is committing. Shame on you.

Cassie Popplewell

I am not really certain I understand the point behind this post. Does it serve a purpose at all? I am certain it only causes the family more grief and pain. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but sometimes it just better to keep them to ourselves. I wish this wonderful family many blessings and prayers.

nonmember avatar Pam

You clearly didn't see the TV interview with this family, including Jameson himself speaking about what his goal is in helping Samantha.

Jeremy Survivor Kessler

My son is the smartest and most selfless child there is, and i'm sorry you clearly haven't met him or any like him. My wife and I never indicated to him that this was necessary for him to do but only asked him(once) and will again when the time comes if he is truly okay with what he can do. He knows full well due to the conversations we've had with him as a family as well as being at each appointment with his sister and explained by the doctors themselves. It is a mild discomfort at worst, so much that even the one his younger sister had less than a year ago she hardly noticed, after his donation and we are still looking at any and all other alternatives until the last moment necessary to try and avoid "ANY" discomfort whatsoever. You should do some research into the procedure before giving any stereotypical and outlandish accusations and thank God there are people as incredible as my son in this world since the mark seems clearly missed on you.
P.S. You're more than welcome to question any and all of my friends on Facebook for their opinion of how exceptional my son is and how we would never force anything upon him.

Curtis L Mickel

Ericka Souter this is a very well written article. I don't know how you go about doing your research and verify your information. I, myself, can certainly see where you could arrive at the conclusion you did. Perhaps Jameson was in fact influenced by his parents. I don't see how he could help not be. Listening to his parents lament about Samantha would be impossible to avoid. At the same time I am sure the parents did what the could in finding a marrow match. Could it be possible that upon discovering that Jameson was a match that they had reservations about subjecting him to the procedure....did you ask them? Could it be that the boy saw an opportunity to help his sister and ease his parent turmoil? Did you ask them? I see a lean towards the negative within your article. Why? The situation is news worthy, but I'm not understanding why you felt it necessary to cast such a negative spin on an already negative plight of a loving family. While I do not know the family well, I do in fact know enough to say they have been dealt a difficult hand by life. They are a loving and spiritual family that have harmed you in no way and certainly did not need that kind of berating from you nor anyone else. What difference does it matter who came to the conclusion that Jameson would help Samantha. The point is this little girl will now have a productive life thanks to the love of her brother. Your opinion on the matter has been stated and it has been found to be irrelevant.

nonmember avatar Emma Rasi

I am outraged at this article. To have known Kyrie and Jeremy since I was a child I know for a fact that they did not push the procedure on Jameson. For you to sit and bash them is rude. How would you feel if you had to take your child for transfusions so often and know that your child is sick and when you come on the Internet you have clueless people writing blogs about what they "think" they know. Jameson is an amazing child. All of the Kessler children are. This should be taken down.

mrsfl... mrsflorea

Shame, shame, shame on you, CafeMom. I have been a loyal member for 5 years, and after reading this post, I am seriously considering being a non-member. I also do not know the family personally, but have been keeping updated on their beautiful, generous children and as many of us do, keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Why is it so difficult to believe that a 3-year old who is, by all accounts, intelligent and incredibly generous, too influenced by his parents to make a concious decision about helping his sister, no matter what it involves? In case you weren't aware (since it seems so very obvious that you worked hard on your facts), Jameson's father (your commenter Jeremy Survivor Kessler) beat cancer before Samantha was born. Did you stop to think that perhaps Jameson was inspired by his father's courage, will to live, and wonderful support system? Obviously not.

When did CafeMom become a place for disingenuous, snarky, holier-than-thou bloggers? If this is the direction you are taking, instead of being a place where moms (and dads) can come for support and advice, count me out. 

nonmember avatar Sam

To the Kessler family - don't take this post too seriously, the bloggers on the stir tend to under-research and make rash judgements without regard for the feelings of the people going through these situations. It's not worth getting upset over. I wish you all the best with your children.

nonmember avatar Brittany Conway

Omg this blog infuriates me to no end! How dare you think that Kyrie and Jeremy would ever force their children to do anything that they didn't want to do especially if it was dangerous and was going to put their lives in jeopardy . What you have written obviously shows the type of parent you are. When you teach your children to love everyone unconditionally especially their family there would be no questions as to why this young child wouldn't be more than willing to save his sisters life! I know we have taught our children to love their family and to do anything for them and I can honestly say there isn't one child in my family that wouldn't lay down next to their brother or sister and do something like this that will seem so trival later in their lives while enjoying the company of that very same brother or sister.

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