My Imaginary Perfect Mom Life (vs. The Real Thing) (PHOTOS)

zen womanI'm guilty of leading a double life -- the one that I'm actually living and the imaginary one that I live only in my head. In the latter, I'm an organized, calm, working mom on the go who does it all with the Enjoli commercial music as the soundtrack to my life. My reality is ... well, it's easier if I just show you.

Inspired by the hilarious Pinterest board "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler," I thought I'd show you my imaginary perfect mom life ... and the starkly differing reality. See if you can relate.

How is your imaginary mom life different than your reality?


Image via Life Mental Health

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Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

ha ha - love the last one!

jalaz77 jalaz77

LOL!! Yup, spot on!

Candace Jennings

So I thought I was crazy because I have an imaginary life as well, thanks for proving me wrong :)

danit... danithegreat

I'm starting to think every mom has an imaginary life & it's all pretty much like this lmao. Spot on

teddy... teddysmama09

Oh so true! I always imagined having about 6 or 7 kids and it would be nothing but love,cuddles and spontanious choreographed dance.

Now I have two kids and I often say to my husband "why do we have so many kids???!!!

Although we do break into spontaneous bouts of "This old Man", but thats just a dessperate attempt to keep them quiet in the grocery store line.

Blues... Blueshark77

TRUE! Although right now my fashion consists of ancient sweats with the legs cut off at the knee and a badana to cover my dirty hair. 

nonmember avatar Em

That monkey picture totally represents my children for the last week. Is it a summer thing???

chris... christina259

Love this post. It's so true. The pic of real children, number 8 if I'm not mistaken is spot on, lol. Sometimes I play new age, zen like music when I'm cleaning my house. It makes me feel like the zen calm mommy who has everything in order even if nothing could be further from the truth. Who cares if it true, it makes me feel good to fake it,lol. In a weird way it keeps me motivated and the tunes are so soothing. I need some soothing in my day. That works until my teen comes and rudely turns it off. His day is coming. He may have kids one day and I'm not going to say I told you so.

Derek W. Newell

Please view my Mothers Day poem, go to Google, and type in ''Calgary Sun, ode to Mom.

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