Toddler Drives Through Neighbor's House in Red Pickup Truck (VIDEO)

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A man got quite a shock when he came home to discover that a bright red pickup truck had been driven straight into his house -- but he was even more shocked when he found out the driver of the truck that smashed into his house was a 2-year-old! George and Kathleen Williams of Georgia were aghast when they drove up to their red brick house to find a red pickup truck sticking straight out of their home's walls -- the truck had smashed completely through the home's basement, breaking windows, and a gas and water line. The little boy lived across the street -- and that's when the fun started.

The boy was apparently in the truck with his dad, who was originally driving. But when the dad parked outside of their home, and got out of the vehicle to unload something, well, he left the truck running. Baaaad idea. The kid was able to get the truck in gear, and somehow drive it across the street until it smashed into his neighbor's home.

Yep, kids can move fast, can't they? Incredible. He somehow figured out how to put the truck in reverse and roll all the way down the driveway, across the street, and then into his neighbor's home. And from the looks of it, he even managed to turn the truck around!

Things could have been a helluva lot worse. Amazing another car wasn't coming when the truck barreled across the street.

Williams sounds like he's not angry. He says:

I just wanted to make sure everybody was alright. Nobody was hurt and like I said, things can be fixed, people can't.

And, luckily, the little boy was all right. Now hopefully Williams' insurance picks up the tab for this bizarre incident -- or dad pays!

Have your kids ever given you a scare with the car?

Image via Channel 11 Alive


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Sharon Repton

where woz the little boy mum @ dad

Chrissy Stone

Dont matter where the other parent was, you shouldnt leave a toddler in the front seat while the keys are in it, period.

Nichole Neathery

...umm wow. why would you leave the vehicle running?! Just why? With or without a child inside. That's just asking for trouble!

Sandy N Chris

Lol, my mom told me when I was two that I put the car in drive while I was in the front seat and my older sister and younger brother were in the back seat. She had ran in the house to get our grandma and I drove into the porch! Lol.

Erin Higgins

Why was the child not strapped into a car seat?!!! DOUBLE FAIL!!

Heather Munoz

The car doesn't have to be running for things like this to happen. When my sister yas 8 she went in the car( that was off and in park) looking for change under the seats. She knocked the gear shift into neutral and it rolled down the driveway across the street and into the neighbors yard.

Erica Johnston

Obviously, dad backed truck in to driveway, kid put in gear or drive and headed across the street!! Parents need to be very careful and, at that age we suggest child safety seats as well. Why no carseat?

nonmember avatar Brittany

If the two year old was properly restrained in a car seat this would have never happen.

Anna Severson

Well as everyone know children move fast. My daughter is five now but when she was two we had to double strap her in and she still knew how to get out of the seat so who knows he might have been in a car seat. I just think that there should not be any judgement unless you was the person or was there.


Michelle Stephens

Something not right About this story all the facts arent there.

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