Jillian Michaels Seems to Think Childless Women are 'Selfish' & 'Immature'

Jillian Michaels has two young children -- and thank goodness, because without them, she'd be immature and selfish! Hey, I'm not saying that. Jillian is. Jillian told Shape magazine about having her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter:

You really get confronted with all of your immaturity and selfishness. It forces you to grow up and to be realistic and to make true sacrifice.

Woah, Jillian. Because no one knows sacrifice like a mom, right? Kind of sounds like Jillian Michaels thinks that if you don't have kids, you're immature, selfish, and don't make sacrifices. Um, Jillian, what you talkin' 'bout, girlfriend?!


Perhaps Jillian is just talking about herself. Perhaps SHE was immature, selfish, and didn't make sacrifices before she had kids. But her words still ring offensive. What was she doing that was so immature and selfish pre-kids? Seems to me like she had a well-paying job as a fitness trainer, she inspired millions on The Biggest Loser, she wrote books, spoke at women's conferences, had a relationship with her partner, Heidi Rhoades. How is all of this immature and selfish?

If she's like everyone else on the planet, she probably had to deal with various issues too -- those of herself, her friends, her family. Life probably hasn't been all sitting outside in cafes, sipping white wine, and browsing glossy magazines. But, hey, if it WAS that, how is that selfish? It's just boring and doesn't exactly improve the human experience.

Also, why is the "sacrifice" of raising children equated with maturity? Plenty of seriously immature people have kids. Ohhhh, trust me on that one.

Maybe Jillian means she thought more about herself than her children (duh -- beause she didn't have any) before she became a mom, and that would be expected. But thinking about yourself more than your non-existent children doesn't make you selfish. 

Women with kids need to stop throwing the words "selfish" and "immature" around when it comes to describing life before children. Just like women with children don't like hearing the words "judgy," "santimommious," and "entitled." Let's all be respectful with our language -- and everyone's choices.

Do you think Jillian could have been more careful about what she said?

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