3-Year-Old Non-Verbal Autistic Toddler Amazes With Her Incredible Paintings (VIDEO)

Iris Grace autism painting Iris Grace Halmshaw is an adorable 3 1/2 year old who has autism. She is non-verbal, but one of the ways she expresses herself is through art -- further proving that having a disability doesn't stop people from accomplishing incredible things. Iris Grace is an amazing artist. Her paintings have a sophistication that is far beyond her 3 1/2 years.

Iris Grace's talent was discovered during her therapy. She was working with horses and music, but it was her art therapy that really sparked something in her. It has even sparked art buyers who have been purchasing her paintings for over one thousand dollars. Watch her in action ....


The darling toddler is from Market Harborough in England and truly fell in love with painting from the moment she was given a paintbrush as part of her autism therapy. Now strangers want to purchase her art and all the proceeds go to buying her more art supplies and the cost of her on-going therapy. Peter-Jon, Iris Grace's father, said: "When she started doing art therapy lots of other people said her paintings were great. It went berserk from there." 

The family set up a website -- Iris Grace Painting -- to show off and sell her work, and raise awareness for autism. Her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson said, "We realized she is actually really talented. Inquiries to buy her paintings flooded in."

Her work is beautiful -- it's a little bit of Jackson Pollack with the softness of Monet.

iris grace painting

We should never underestimate the talents our kids have -- and we should always let them try new things that could uncover that talent. Give your child a guitar, a ball, or a paintbrush and see what happens. A disability should never define us or our kids.

Keep painting Iris Grace! You are such an inspiration.

How you seen amazing benefits of art (or other) therapy when it comes to children with autism?

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