Overly Worried Moms Are Literally Making Their Kids Sick

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asthmaWorrying about our kids is a part of a mother's job description. We worry about them hitting milestones. Worry they will topple over when they take their first steps. Worry about how they get along with other kids at the playground. Worry about how well they pay attention in school. We worry about sending them off in the great big wide world without us glued to their sides. Worrying may be giving us parents tons of grey hairs and wrinkles, but it's also making our kids sick.

Our anxiety rubs off on our kids and all the worrying we are doing is linked with giving our kids asthma. Asthma! It may be more linked with genetics than the environment. Maybe.

Mothers who were more anxious had children with more severe breathlessness due to asthma. Our stress really affects our kids. This Swedish study looked at over 195,000 twins and saw the connection with maternal anxiety and severity of asthma. The moms' anxiety was measured by how much they bit their nails and ratio of grey to other color hairs. Well, not exactly, but it was measured. 

The more mom is stressed, anxious, and worried, the worse a child's asthma symptoms are. Makes sense.

I think we could have concluded this ourselves though. Stress makes us sick. It's as bad for us as say only drinking sugary soda and never any water. And the way we act does rub off on our kids. Being a mom sure isn't easy. Now we have to worry about not worrying too much.

What do you think of this study? Are you worried you worry too much?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Don't you think it makes more sense that the moms are more anxious DUE  to their kid's breathing problems?

nonmember avatar Emmie

Thank you youthfulsoul! I was a pretty chill person until my daughter was born. She's had breathing problems from day one and it turned me into a crazy person for about a year. Never slept, always watching her for labored breathing, etc. Now that she's older, she has been diagnosed with moderate-persistent asthma that flares up so quickly it's scary. I am certainly much more relaxed now that she's older, I have learned her signs/triggers, but when your child has a condition that can deteriorate in a matter of minutes, there's is no doubt there is an underlying anxiousness that stays with you whether you consciously realize it or not.

socce... soccer_mom1999

DH says I worry too much.  I don't think so. LOL

Todd Vrancic

Just curious, does a father's stress level/anxiety affect his child's asthmatic condition?  Or is the mother magic?

lalas... lalasmama2007

Ehh...my sister was asthmatic as a child and my mom never seemed super stressed.  I'm not sure that I'm buying this.

Siste... Sisteract

Most us worry way too much, IMO.

ceciliam ceciliam

Hhhhmmmm, not sure about this.

Madel... Madelaine


OneAl... OneAllergicMama

Do I stress when my child struggles to breathe?  Yeah, I do.  Does it bother me from day to day (keeping in mind that illness, high pollen levels and rodents seem to be his only triggers)?  Nope. 

But I also know that my grandmother was a severe asthmatic (long before the days of access to rescue inhalers) and DH has asthma.  So given that, I blame genetics more than worry, kwim?

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