My Child's Fear of Vaccinations Is Making Me Mental

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There, I said it. Call me a wuss if you will, but bringing my daughter to the doctor when there's even a chance that she's gonna get poked, is like being at a bullfight … when you're the matador.

In other words, it's like the most stressful thing ever. 

It's not just stressful for me, it's stressful for the nurse who must administer said shots, the other little patients who are set off by the possible whizzing by of a 7-year-old and the wretched ear-shattering noises she's making, not to mention their parents and the doctors, who must explain that, though sounds like it, there is not an amputation occurring.

I start to ask myself...

Really how bad can a bout of the flu be? Chicken Pox? The Mumps? My husband, who has never been to one of these "awesome" visits, says my fear or her getting needles is unfounded. By that logic, I could claim anything I haven't seen doesn't exist, but it wouldn't make it true. Please, there's no such thing as Africa, everyone who hasn't visited knows that.

The first thing my child asks at the onset of a stomach cramp, a headache, a sore throat or anything that may require a trip to the doc is: "Will they give me a shot for this?"; "Mom, do they give shots for red ant reactions, rashes, bee stings?"

She'll start to cry if you mention the word needle in any context and she's catagorically decided she will not be having babies because she once overheard me discussing an extensive blood test that pregnant women get.

Heck, after she's gotten a shot, when the nurse says, "All good, you don't need another one of those for five years" she glosses right over that reprieve, when kids decide the process wasn't THAT bad, and continues to cry at the thought of the needle that she's due to get FIVE YEARS FROM NOW!

I know many of you get where I coming from. You know the needle dance (or the chase). You've seen every nurse and parent trick from the telling of a joke, to the let me pinch your arm to show you how it will feel, to the we'll go to this fast food joint or get this toy after, to the watch your sibling go first, to the it doesn't hurt as much as (insert semi-painful occurrence here). They don't work.

In the end, I have to hold her on my lap, arms wrapped around her and squeeze - both her body from jolting, and tears from coming out of my eyes (at the thought of the stress this is causing her … and me).

The last time we got a shot was around her birthday and I strategically planned to get her an iTouch5 on the way home. I've never seen her shape up so fast. Unfortunately, I imagine most people, myself included, can't do that the other 364. Unless, you're Angie and Brad. If their kids have an aversion something, they could solve it right quick.

"Just try the Brussels sprouts and you can get an iPad mini."  "Go to the dentist and we'll pay him to be your man servant for the rest of the afternoon." "Make your bed everyday for a week and we'll rent out Disney World." You know, something like that?

So, my husband will definitely be in tow at the next visit, for moral support, oh and to prove I'm right. Wait, scratch that, I'm sending her to Brad and Angie for her next round of shots… Yo, Angie, she'd really like to go to Paris.

What does your child do when he/she needs to get a shot?


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LostS... LostSoul88

My kids get upset at first but they know those shots will help them. It's because of a parents reaction or what they say about shots that scares the kids. 

Todd Vrancic

Our oldest was terrified of needles and I found that if I stared into her eyes and kept her attention on me, it was less traumatic for her.  She barely even knew they gave her the shot or drew the blood that way.

linzemae linzemae

I have a two month old who had to get shots 2 weeks ago. It was by far the worst thing I have experienced as a mom so far! I have never heard her cry like that. She was in so much pain that after she woke up from a nap she cried for two straight hours. She may have been a bit dramatic but it broke my heart. I bawled hearing her cry like that. Everyone says it just gets worse when they get older too. *sigh*

nonmember avatar KSharman

Ask your doctor for a RX for some Lidocaine creme, put it on injection sight 30 minutes before your child gets a shot, it helps ease the pain. To maximize the effect take your child with you to the pharmacy to pick up the creme and tell your child this is very strong medicine and only available with a prescription, and explain what that is and that medicine is available without a prescription but when a medicine is really strong you need a Dr.'s Note. It will help.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

That's EXACTLY how I was! I still hate needles...but have multiple tattoos! Help her to NOT LOOK...she doesn't want to see the needle, doesn't even want to THINK about...doesn't want to TALK about it...or be talked TO about it...just do it (on two preferably)...and help her relax her muscles...she won't ever get over it (I cried like a baby when they did my epidural...again...3 tattoos on back) but she will learn to deal...kinda :) ('s a REAL fear...and the anxiety of that needle is VERY real)

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Also wanted to's not the "pain" or anything like that that probably bothers is a LEGIT fear of needles (like an actual phobia)...which is why getting tattoos is such a high for me, because I am "over coming" my fear (although I think it's also because it doesn't go deep into the skin) clearly PAIN isn't my issue, just those nasty massive needles...which again she sounds like I was!

Angela M. DeVito Gahan

When my now 14 year old son was little there was a patch that was available. It numbed the area that the shot was to go into and he never felt a thing. I would know where I needed to put the patch because the doctor would tell me and like an hour before I went I would put the patch on and by the time we would hit the doctors office that part of his arm, leg, butt, or wherever else it needed to be was numb. There was like 2 patches to a box. It worked like a charm. Only thing my son ever felt is when they tested for lead all other shots he never had a clue. It was so easy taking him in to get his shots this way.

femal... femaleMIKE

My husband has to hold me down so that I can get my shots.

I have no idea what I am going to do when its time for my IV or epidural (if I go that route).


nonmember avatar MammaMel

@FemaleMike...HUG A PILLOW for your epidural...and tell them YOU DON'T CARE what they do...just don't tell you and don't show you ANYTHING! they had nurses holding both sides of my body...and the IV I made them cover so I couldn't see it

Smoke... Smokeygirl

My sister is 18 and still has to be restrained to have blood drawn or shots. She is still the one making people think amputations are going on in the back room... Good luck with her fear :(

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