2-Year-Old Takes First Steps After Losing Legs in Horrific Lawnmower Accident (VIDEO)

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ireland nugentTwo-year-old Ireland Nugent's tragedy is one we will never forget. As she played in the yard, her father accidentally backed over her legs and feet with his riding lawnmower. It's an unimaginable accident, but one that thankfully has a happy ending. Just two months after being rushed to the hospital, the toddler was outfitted with prosthetic legs and took her first steps. Watch this amazing moment -- and be sure to have tissues ready.

The look on Ireland's face is priceless as she learns to balance on her new limbs. It's proof of just how resilient children are. And it wasn't just a magical moment for the little one -- her parents were also bursting with joy. Check it out:

When the accident was first reported, it was unclear how things would turn out for Ireland and her heartbroken family. No doubt her mom and dad were plagued with anger, fear, and regret. Now, they have a new beginning. Since she is growing, doctors anticipate she will need new prosthetics every three months. And though she likely faces more surgeries as she gets older, it is clear her future will be a bright and hopefully unlimited one.

Are you surprised by Ireland's amazing recovery?

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Joo Hee Bennett

Great video, what a sweet little girl.  God, I pray for the family, I would have an enormously hard time forgiving myself for this accident, even though it was exactly that- an accident!  

LostS... LostSoul88

YEAH! Good for her! She recovered so fast. 

nonmember avatar J

Just goes to show how resilient children can be. I pray for her family and her parents. As hard as it would be for me to forgive myself, I think it would be even harder for me to forgive my husband. If it was my fault I would understand the feelings, emotion, blame, guilt, complete accident that occured and have no one to blame. But being my spouse and having someone to point fingers at, even though a complete accident, would be very difficult.

craft... craftycatVT

Wouldn't it be her mother's fault too? Maybe even more so than the father because she should have been watching the child while the dad was mowing. I get that it's an accident, though.

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