'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Should Have Checked With Daddy Jo Before Letting Isaac Pose in Gay Marriage Photo

KailynTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry has made no secret of the fact that she is 100 percent in support of gay rights. She posed (WITH her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Jo Rivera) for a NoH8 campaign a couple years ago and vocalized her support on Twitter and in interviews. But a photo shoot she recently let Isaac do with her husband Javi Marroquin has Jo all in a tizzy.

The photo shows toddler Isaac between Javi and model Wesley Watkins as if he is their son. Kailyn organized the shoot with photographer Kate Hedrick as part of her support for gay marriage.

Meanwhile, Jo said it "made him sick." Someone else called him out, and he said while he was all for equality, he didn't like his son being used this way in a photo like this. Hmmm. Unfortunately, I see his point.

While I completely disagree with Jo politically and I absolutely think Isaac is lucky to be raised by a mom with such liberal, open values, I also think this is something Kailyn probably should have discussed with Jo first.

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Kailyn has every right to teach her son her values. But it's entirely different to use their child's image to promote her agenda in a way that a) implies Javi is his father, or b) publicizes the child without the consent of the father.

Not knowing their custody arrangement, I can't speak to the legality of this issue, but from a moral standpoint, it does seem a little odd that she would choose to do this and not tell his dad. It's unclear whether the photos were for personal use or for public consumption, but since they ARE public, one has to assume the latter.

In that case, doesn't she have a moral obligation to tell his father? While I think it's great for Isaac to be taught that all people are equal and that gay marriage should be legal, there is also something to be said for respecting the wishes of both parents. I am sure Kailyn wouldn't appreciate Jo using Isaac in some political way without asking if she ultimately agreed with the cause.

Even if we discount the morality of it, it's also just decent etiquette. The two of them have to get along for Isaac's sake so it's smarter for her to inform Jo of things like this. It's all in the best interest of Isaac.

Do you think she should have told Jo or asked his permission?


Photo via kaillowry/Instagram



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LostS... LostSoul88

I think he's homophobic and that is what he's problem. He claims he's for equality but the thought of two gay men kissing a child is sickening to him? Right.... 

LostS... LostSoul88

Oh I am on Kaitlin's side. She was teaching her child about acceptance. Telling your son it's sickening about two gay men in a photo kissing a child is teaching hate. 

twili... twilightsbella

The bible says a man should be with only a woman not a man. So to teach ur kids the truth from the bible is what i will do and teach them that god doesnt like it wen two man or two women are together. But i will also teach my kids to have respect and be nice to those who believe different.

Simon... SimonzKedge

Yeah, well the bible says a lot of other things that people seem to disregard.

LostS... LostSoul88

the bible was written by man about some fake person in the sky. If you want to be a sheep and follow every word that was written by men in order to control people, then that's you but the rest of the world shouldn't be forced to do so. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yea lets follow the bible. That gets people places?! I would rather be a leader than a follower.

Now what if the picture was of a man and a woman kissing? Would he have been equally pissed?


LostSoul88   well with your username I do see that you might be a lost soul out there. Maybe if everyone would actually read and apply what is in the bible the world would not be the way that it is. I disagree with Kailyn not with her political stands but for not discussing it with Jo he has not been an absenteen father so he deserves the respect she wants in return.

jrphelps jrphelps

The bible also states you shouldn't wear clothing of mixed fibers or have premarital sex & a lot of other crap.  But people only one use one man one woman.  PUH-fucking-lease.  Stop imposing your religion on people's rights & quoting the bible on gay rights issues.  It just makes you look like a fire breathing hater.  I don't think she needed to consult him.  I agree with Kailyn.  Not all the bigot homophones

nonmember avatar Dee

Yes the bible also says I can sell my daughter into slavery, not touch the skin of a dead pig on Sunday (Tebow's a heathen), not work on the Sabbath, my husband can have multiple wives, etc.. So as soon as you're actually ready to follow the REST of the bible (you know, the parts that actually effect you), I don't want to hear your nonsense. By a devoted Christian, believer in equality, niece of a bishop, granddaughter of missionaries, who by the way, love ALL gods children equally, as is befitting their deeply Christian hearts. I think whenever there's a question, god wants us to answer with love, not hate.

nonmember avatar Dee

She should've asked him though, it's just right before you put the child's picture out like that. And I'd say that if it was a Gap modeling ad or something.

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