'My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler' Pinterest Board Is a Must See


earmuffsAs a mom who spent a period of 6 months desperately trying (in vain) to convince my then 2-year-old daughter to wear something, anything, besides a particular flowered dress with little bows on the shoulders ("The Bow Dress," we called it), I find the concept of kiddie couture pretty much ridiculously funny. I'm not sure when it happened, exactly, but at some point over the past 10 years or so, "fashionista toddlers" turned into ... a thing. Why? I'm pretty sure Suri Cruise and the Jolie-Pitts helped to inspire the trend -- not to mention a slew of other celeb kids roaming the playgrounds in couture -- and Pinterest has only added to the haute hysteria. Except maybe not anymore, thanks to "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter," a deliciously ironic collection of hipster tot photos devoted to a fantasy child named "Quinoa" with devastatingly witty captions.

The above image, for example, was accompanied by the following text:

"Quinoa refers to these as ear 'musts'!"

Indeed! And that's not all this hypothetical child has to say. A few of my personal favorite captions include:

"Quinoa farts glitter."

"Quinoa love to have special mother-daughter talks in spectacular clothes and illuminating lighting."

"Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni. When Quinoa did the same thing, Vogue called HER."

Honestly, I would find this stuff amusing even if I didn't have kids, but because I'm all too familiar with the reality of dressing a highly irrational dirt magnet on a day to day basis, it's enough to make me bust a gut. Not only that, the insanely gorgeous photos provide a fairy tale escape from Old Navy t-shirts with chocolate milk stains and dresses with little bows on the shoulders.

Did 'My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter' Make You Laugh?


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Jami Stevenson

not really. i think society trys to take away the innocence of children at far too young of an age. try too hard to make them look like little adults. what happened to the good ol days of mickey mouse t-shits?

Lilly... LillysMama0308

There is nothing wrong with your child looking good/ cute.. Jami I still see micky mouse t-shirts around.  Your child can still have a childhood while looking good.. I know mine do. An No I do not buy expensive clothes either. But Iam still very picky how my kids are dressed.. I make sure they look good and cute at all times when we go out..

heath... heathermorn

If we are going to see a play or out for a special occasion, then I may check what my daughter chooses to wear, otherwise, she dresses herself.  And if she goes to school in a mis-matched outfit that she loves - who cares?  Kids have to learn their own style, and they are not going to do that if mommy keeps dressing them to make sure they "look good".  They are kids - let them be kids!!

nonmember avatar Alycia

If you actually go and read the board you can tell its tongue-in-cheek humor, this chick doesn't want a toddler who dresses like that, she's making fun of the trend of child models and the desire to dress children in overly mature outfits. Seriously, it's hilarious.

Melissa Young

My now 13 year old had the "only clothing I will ever own for the rest of my life" dress, too.  Eventually I convinced her the dress was a "dress up" costume and she started wearing regular clothes under it.  Yeah, 6 months sounds about right for that argument lol

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