Latest 'Convos With My 2-Year-Old' Teaches Lying Dad 'That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles' (VIDEO)

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convos with my 2 year old the cookieHooray, another episode of Convos With My 2-Year-Old! Today's video is "The Cookie." Matthew Clarke's daughter Coco (played as always by a grown man) wants another cookie and she won't take no for an answer. Daddy says she's had enough. Who will win this battle of wills? And who will come out looking crazier? I think we know the answer to both those questions, but you've got to watch the video anyway.

Can you believe Daddy LIED to his daughter?!? Unbelievable -- except I think I've told the "we're all out" lie before myself. Haven't we all. It's kind of a lazy parenting trick you use when your moral authority is feeling particularly fatigued. "Oh darn, we're all out! Oh well, now I don't have to take responsibility for making you unhappy. Lalala!" I'm glad Coco challenged Daddy on that lie.

It is SO like a toddler to want things you cannot have. And it's also an adult thing, but we're totally getting the wrong message from this video. In real life, the desire for impossible things brings us unhappiness. But for Coco, insisting on what you want, even when you've been told it's impossible, will get you a cookie in the end. Hmm, I wonder if Coco's on to something.

Do you ever lie to your kids when you get sick of telling them "no"?


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MeriahGirk JohnJancovic

Thought they were funny till I realized the pattern that the 2 year old runs the house....

Nichole Neathery

I flippin LOVE these! and no, we let him know he cant have anymore and let him cry it out on the floor till he thinks of something "more important" and moves on. same thing happens at grammas house too, such MEAN adults we are. lol

Kate Rowan Williams

I redirect/distract her with something else, like playing with PlayDoh, or, her favorite thing, going outside to play with the hose. Although, K isn't really into cookies. She goes into the fridge for carrots and broccoli, no $#!t...

nonmember avatar Jessamin

Okay, I wouldn't lie to my kids about something like that, but why are you acting like it's such a big deal? It's not foreign for parents to tell white lies to their kids. "Can you believe Daddy LIED to his daughter?" Take a look at the real world, it's not that big of a deal. It's just a funny video. See the humor in it then move on.

Ariel Evans

yea, if the answer is 'no' in my's no....period. If there is an argument wanting it anyway they are warned and then if it continues they are in timeout. 

Tonight, for instance, we had cake (my daughter's present to my  husband for Father's Day) after dinner.  After my son finished his cake and ice cream he said 'Can I have more cake!?!' We told him no. He asked if he ate more dinner could he have more cake. We told him no, that he wasn't getting more cake or dinner. He said ok and was done. This is very typical in my house----especially with 4 year old twins. 

Sabrina Vanover

I have that convo with my 2 yr old just about everyday except I don't use manifest I use make one appear or pull it out of my mouth.  LOL!!   But most of the time I let him cry it out !!!!  He gets over it in about 2 min and moves on to something else.   It was a funny video I can relate LMBO!!


nonmember avatar Jay

Lies I tell my 2 year old:

The (park, library, McDonald's) is closed.

We're out of (cookies, cheese, cupcakes, fruit rollups).

There's no (Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Team Umizoomi) on the DVR today.

Daddy's the only one who can put batteries in that toy.

yergi... yergie1985

If these are true convos these parents need to reign that little demanding thing in before she turns into a monster.

Sunsh... Sunshine_246

Calm down everyone.  Yeah, he could have handles that better but almost every parent has moments like this one.  Even the most obedient and sweet 2 year old will also test the boundries and get her way sometimes.  Neither means that these parents are failing and that they will have a tyrant.

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