'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry's Son Will Get a Tattoo Whether She Likes It or Not

Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin were spotted recently at a tattoo studio where Javi was getting the finishing touches put on his "sleeve" tattoo. It's a cool tattoo and they are a cool couple, but now Kailyn (who is pregnant) and Javi won't have a leg to stand on when it comes to Isaac and their baby-to-be's future tattoos.

As a tattooed mama, this is something that worries me, too. I love tattoos in general. I think they are cool and there is something so amazingly freeing about reclaiming your own skin and making it your own by getting a tattoo. But that still doesn't mean I want my babies ruining their perfect skin with tattoos.

And yes, I know this makes me a hypocrite. From the day I got my first tattoo (at 32) with my husband (a special couple's tattoo) for our seventh wedding anniversary, I knew our kids would probably want tattoos themselves some day. And that bothers me.

Well, to be clear, it doesn't bother me so long as they make the decision the same way I did -- as an adult, after years of deliberation, and something unique and meaningful to them.

I would hate to see either my 6-year-old daughter or my 4-year-old son get tattoos at 18 or 19 that they would come to regret. I would so much rather they wait and then get something small and tasteful.

It's actually not even that I judge tattoos or think they are dirty or any sort of thing. I love tattoos on other people. But as I said, there is something about "reclaiming" skin that feels like you are shedding the old and making room for the new.

That's what bothers me. I made my children, perfect and smooth. That skin is my skin (or at least skin I made) and it's perfect, unblemished, and beautiful. If they felt the need to alter themselves, especially with a giant sleeve or back tattoo, it would make me sad. I wouldn't want them to do it.

I also wouldn't stop them.

I know I have one. I realized right away that by getting a tattoo, I probably made my kids want them when they are older (although maybe it will have the opposite effect!) and I accepted that. But while they are still so little, I can't imagine them growing up and altering their skin. I assume I will feel the same way in 12 years.

Their skin will always feel a little like my own, only better. More perfect. And no, I don't ever want to see that change.

Do you have tattoos and still not want your kids to get them?


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Regina Baugh

i dont have tattoos ans i dont want my kids to get them either

Melissa Ann Dooley Tomkiewicz

I think she should change the title of this "story" to Why I don't want my kids to get a tattoo! All I read was a bunch of rambling about how the author feels about her kids getting tattoos and nothing really about "Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry. Can someone please tell what was the real point of what she was saying?

Chyree Garcia

I have 6 tattoos but everyone of them is for a special reason. I have one for my son, the 2 of my daughter's names, one for my deceased brother, and 2 for a part of my life that shows me to always keep my head up and yes I do want more as for my children if they want tattoos they can have them because it is their body and nobody should judge anybody but at this moment my 10 year old says he will never get one and never wants one and my brother's and I came from parents that neither of them had them I believe it is always that person in particular choice

Tracey Roloff

I have one but want more and if my kids do thats their choice. Just dnt over do it and dont tattoo yourself with tons of stupid crap!

linzemae linzemae

I agree melissa. And sometimes age has nothing to do with your tattoo choice. I regret the one I got at 22. Not the ones I got at 18 and 19!

Elizabeth Holmes Golden

I got my 1st tattoos at 16 and they were homemade, but I don't regret them. I made the decision a long time ago, that I wanted to decorate my body and that no regrets were aloud. If my kids want tattoos or piercings I will support them 100%. But I do want them to make sure they get something meaningful, not just some bullshit they like. Being raised in a house where I was told that I could not get tattoos or piercings just made me rebel. So I support my kids in anything they want to do, gaming, hair styles, the clothes they pick, how they want to spend their time, tattoos, and piercings, etc.... Every time I got a "don't do this" from my mother, I did it, just to prove that I could and she really couldn't control it. So I would rather my kids come talk to me and tell me what they want, then me telling them what they cannot do.

shell... shellyplatz

If you have kids, if you don't want them to do something you should lead by example.

I personally don't like tattoos at all. I don't understand having them put where you can't even see them. What's the point? I rather have something in a frame on the wall rather than on me.

Someday you are going to get old and the tattoos will no longer look good or be where you had them put! I have friends who regret their tattoos and one who has had one removed. Very expensive and painful.

Amberlee Benoit

I have 5 tattoos, my fiance has 2. Our son (7 years old, and autistic) LOVES them. He wants to be a tattoo artist when he grows up. (He LOVES art, he's great at it) I would love it if he got a tattoo, but I wouldn't be upset if he didn't. It's his body, let him decide! Obviously not now though.

Ashley Nicole Banse

im sure your parents did not want you getting tattoos either, you should not push you ideas on to your kids about things they can do to their body when they get older. Like you said there is something freeing about reclaiming your skin and making it your own. maybe you kids will wanna do the same! I have two kids and am pregnant with number 3 and I am 21. and I would love to have my kids get tattoos! I have them my mom and my grandma, who cares its their/ your skin!

nonmember avatar Elijah


Tattoos are demonic, unclean defilements DUDs that indicate alcoholism, sadomasochism, and hard drug abuse!

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