10 Ways Motherhood Makes You Feel Young

Michele Zipp | Jun 19, 2013 Being a Mom
10 Ways Motherhood Makes You Feel Young

jumping mom daughter ballerinaSure I've acquired a few (dozen) grays since becoming a mother, but that's nothing a little hair color couldn't cover up if I ever found the time to stop having fun and worry about my hair. Yes, motherhood is tough sometimes, but it's also gloriously wonderful and a bit of a youth serum. Motherhood makes you feel young. It's like a license to be wild and free (in the G-rated way) and drink milkshakes, laugh at farts, ride the slide at the playground, get muddy, and jump in puddles.

Don't believe me? I have more proof. Check out these 10 ways being a mom makes you feel young.


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  • Being a mom brings out your inner child!

  • Halloween! All the time!


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    Moms get to play dress-up every single day! We get to dress our kids in the most adorable outfits or play dress-up whenever the urge strikes. Prepare your superhero caps and princess crowns! Also ... HALLOWEEN! Sure it's only once a year, but when you're a parent, it's any day you want it to be.

  • Naps.


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    Babies takes naps. Some toddlers do. Seems like you can't get some teenagers to stay awake. Once you're a parent, you can take naps when your child naps. They can give you the sense that life is carefree and easy (they lie, yes), but they are awesome. Some call them cat naps, but let's refer to them as disco naps -- you'll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle whatever time is left in the day.

  • You get to play with toys.


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    Childless adults who play with toys get called weird or even fetishists. When you have kids, you can play with all the toys you want without any repercussions. Just remember to share.

  • Cartoons.


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    I think the real reason some parents dislike Yo Gabba Gabba so much is because when you're watching it as an adult, it's the TRIPPIEST, MOST HAPPY, HIGH ON A CLOUD show! You can watch any kids' cartoon and find something "odd" in it if you are looking hard enough. And that's what makes watching so fantastic.

  • You feel like you know nothing.


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    You're an adult! You can make babies! You are smart! Then baby is born and suddenly you are back to day one -- you know nothing. Parenthood has you learning how to swaddle, soothe, babywear, and secure in a car seat properly, and then eventually you have to learn algebra all over again so you can help with homework. This is your brain on kids. It should make you feel young ... and maybe a little dumb. Don't worry, you're not -- you're just adapting and re-learning.

  • You dread prom night.


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    You're dreading prom night all over again. This time for a different reason. The first time you were worried about getting a date, then that date kissing you, then that date wanting to do more than kiss you, and don't forget the drama at the prom, the popularity contest that is prom king and queen, and the who is wearing what and how good or bad they look in it. When your child has to go through those things and you are watching from the sidelines, it's the same issues all over again times a hundred million bajillion because that's your baby dealing with all of that. Still, takes you back. Makes you feel young.

  • Acne.


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    The sad news is that acne doesn't always end after the teen years. Oh, you thought feeling young was all sweet smelling roses and yummy gum drops? No. Adult acne that creeps up when your hormones are all in a rage after having a baby is as awful as the bitch who stole your prom date. Worse.

  • Playing loud music and singing at the top of your lungs.


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    If you sing in the minivan by yourself and get caught, it's weird. If you sing in the minivan with your kids in the back singing along, you may as well win Mother of the Year. Playing loud music and singing at the top of your lungs is the stuff dreams are made of. Well, okay, it's fun, let's give it that. So is jumping on the bed and singing at the top of your lungs. Kid stuff. Do it all. Be youthful again.

  • Running.


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    Kids run. Parents run after them. All this running, running, running isn't just tiring, it's great for your body! Your health! Your feelings of youthfulness! Run, mama, run! Feel the wind in your hair and run!

  • Amusement parks.


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    Becoming a parent means you can go to any playground or amusement park with your kids and ride every ride ... even the little toddler-geared choo choo train that just goes around in a circle. Good, clean, kid fun that will take you back in time remembering when you did the very same thing with your own parents. Only this time, you'll never have to worry about being too short to ride a ride.

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