10 Things That Make Moms Cry (PHOTOS)

sleeping boyBefore I had children I rarely cried. Oh sure, there were weeping sessions here and there over boyfriends or other big life events, but day-to-day my eyes stayed pretty dry for the most part.

Since becoming a mom, however, the tears just won't stop. They hit me at the most obscure and unexpected times. Sometimes they spring from happiness, sometimes out of frustration, and sometimes I find myself blubbering and bawling, and I have no idea why. No one ever warned me about this littler perk of parenthood. Here are 10 of the approximately 10 billion things that make moms cry.

What things about motherhood make you cry?

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ViviMo ViviMo

So true!! Especially first and last day of school. The other day I cried before his dance competition, during the performance and after! What has gotten into me!!

LostS... LostSoul88

Most of those are true. I almost cried at my DDs preschool graduation. The thought of her growing up so fast breaks my heart and makes my joyful all in one. 

sheli... shelibell30

I think I am the only mom in the world who didn't cry when my kids were born. I love them lol..but I didn't cry :)

kisse... kisses5050

 I cried when my 15 year old stood her ground at interflight JAROT Drill when the the big bad adult drill sargent from a nearby airforce base gave her a dressing down and got in her face and yelled...   of course .. he yelled "why are your pants so short!" and she said dead serious " I GREW SR."  he had to turn from her and let out a smile and i  cried even more... 


Candace Jennings

^^ you're not the only one who didn't cry when your kids were born, neither did I. Shit, my KIDS didn't even cry when they were born lol. I haven't cried at any birthdays either. But my kids are only 3 and 1, so I can't claim to be tough just yet lol.

Autsu Autsu

I cry constantly since my daughter was born, but not for any of these reasons. For me it's the dumbest things imagineable, like picking out a father's day card, or a sappy movie that never bothered me before. Stupid hormones, anyway.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

Her first day at kindergarten, her last day in elementary school.  All her recitals and plays.  

Kirstin Bullock

The one that gets me more often than anyother is the not needing my help. I miss the reliance on me, but am so proud of her independence, that struggle makes me cry more than anything else.

Ariel Evans

Most of those I don't cry at....I think school will be the first one that I won't be able to fool myself into believing it was 'just hormones'. Mine are 4 and will be starting PreK at the school I teach at in August. I'm so excited because I know I can see them anytime I want but I'm so nervous about everything at the same time. 

Also, the last day of school I cry every year....but thus far that's been only for my students. Oh it's going to be intense next year when my babies are there.  

suziejax suziejax

So ture. My son just graduated from 12th grad this past week. I homeschooled him & its been a long journey. Its a new phave of life for me and I have to adjust. I will miss him! I for sure cryed :-)

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