Victoria Beckham Won't Put Makeup On in Front of Her Daughter

Victoria BeckhamThe woman who seems to wake up every day perfectly coiffed and wearing spike heels, Victoria Beckham, wants to keep Harper away from makeup, lest she get to enthralled with it. Um, kind of ironic, no?

Mommy Beckham told a German magazine that though Harper's a tomboy around her big brothers, Victoria can't put makeup on in front of Harper because then she'd want to join in.

I say -- nothing to worry about, Posh!


Harper is either going to want to use makeup, or not, and it doesn't really have too much to do with what she sees her mom doing! My theory is based on my unscientific study of my own family: my mom has hardly ever worn makeup; I've been playing with it since I was a small child (my dearest wish as an 8-year-old was for a set of Lee Press On Nails); my sister was a tomboy as a kid and never really into makeup; and my 10-year-old daughter Isabella has been wanting to paint her nails and steal my lip gloss pretty much since before she could walk!

(In fact -- oh the irony -- would you believe it if I told you I'm writing this post as Isabella paints her nails next to me? Then she insisted on adding a glitter coat to my own nails! It's hard to type, kid!)

Now, I understand a bit of Beckham's concern. I have struggled myself with what seems like the mixed messages I'm sending Isabella: I tell her she's beautiful just as she is, while just about every day I wear some form of makeup, and I always get extra gussied up if we're going out, even just to a friend's house for dinner.

I let Isabella play "dress-up" with makeup at home, but she's not allowed to leave the house in any kind of makeup, under any circumstances, unless it's for a ballet performance (a loophole that Isabella relishes with glee and that gives my poor husband heart palpitations). I've seen other girls her age in lip gloss and more at special events and I'm totally against it, but I know that the day will come soon when Isabella is old enough to wear her own makeup. I'm not looking forward to it -- because that means that she's growing up (wahhh!), but I know it's part of life, and I know that I can hide my makeup from her all I want and she'll still find it!

Makeup can be fun and help you feel good -- it doesn't have to be some big anti-feminist / anti-positive body image thing. Self esteem can't be found in a bottle, but some pretty lipstick or luxurious mascara doesn't take AWAY your sense of self either.

Isabella's new manicure. This is what awaits you, Victoria!

Do you think it's OK to put makeup on in front of little girls?


Image via MovieStarsandRockets/Flickr and the author

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