Toddlers Reveal Where They Think Babies Come From

pregnant family

When 3-year-old Adela shared her mom's pregnancy news by saying, "A baby's coming out of mommy's vagina," it stirred up the debate on whether or not vagina was a good word for toddlers to know. For the record, I think it's a great word, simply because it is a real word for the real thing that it is. Not everything has to be a watered-down "toddler version" of a word. We're not talking about curse words here. 

Lots of kids know babies come from our bodies. Aurora, 4, said that babies "come out of mommy's vagina." Five-year-old Jack told his mom that "they come from you. They come from your stomach. I don't know anything else." Finn, 3, thinks like Jack -- "they come from our bellies," he said. Jillian, 4, knows they come from mommy's tummy "not daddy's tummy." Summer, 5, rolled her eyes when asked, then muttered, "Baginas."

Some kids though think babies come from some seriously strange places.


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nonmember avatar Lucia

Bahaha! Bagina. That just sounds so funny

Nurse... Nursekelly1980

My son, who was 4, said my daughter was going to come out of my butt.

nonmember avatar Diane

My 4 year old son told us that they come from "babies dot com".

LostS... LostSoul88

my kids say my tummy

nonmember avatar Christina

When I was pregnant with my younger son, my 4 year said to me " mom, I'm going to have a baby too. But, I don't have a vagina so how's my baby going to get out?" Haha

tyrel... tyrelsmom

When I was pregnant with my youngest, my 3 year old told me she was going to come out through my bellybutton. I didn't bother correcting him, he was kinda young. My oldest was 6, and asked. So I told him. Those computer animated videos on YouTube are perfect for that age.

Chelsea Kuuipo Okalani Young

When I was pregnant I was visiting my cousins who have a four year old daughter. We asked her "How did the baby get in there?"
"Hmm..." She said as she turned her head sideways. "Yum! She ated the baby!"
We laughed. "How does baby come out of there?"
She had to think a long time about it. She put her hand out, then she had spit in it, "*PATEW!* She spits him out!"

Too cute!

Crystal Rider

My kids know the baby comes out of the vagina but we haven't explained how they get in there. My oldest is 6 so not ready for the sex talk yet. She thinks I ate a watermelon seed. 

Desere Olson

lol the baby coming out of the butt just cracked me up. so funny and cute.

julie... julie21210

The baby coming out of the butt reminded me of knocked up when the lil girl goes on a gory rant about where babies come from . My son is 4 and when I asked him he said "babies come from ppl" and we just left it at that

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