Hidden Perks of Being a Dad


Xavier pulling my hairThe hugs take me to another world. The looks of admiration and awe at my strength and ability to reach high things are precious too. But I knew all of that even before my son was born. What surprised me is that being a dad holds hidden perks that no one told me about.

Here thy are:

  • I’m handsomer. When I take my son for walks, women regularly note how cute he is. And they often do so by saying things like “So cute” or “What a cutie.” I get to pretend they’re really talking about me. (Cuz they are).
  • I’m smarter: A lot of people expect dads to be Doofus McDoofus when handed a small (or not so small) child. As long as you’re not shoving the bottle in the wrong end, people will comment how wonderful it is that you’re taking care of a little one. Aww shucks. Thank you.
  • I’m not frightening: This is for all my brown-skinned dads out there. Yeah, I too grew up with people locking their car doors if I ventured too near. But now, holding my son’s tiny hand, no one fears me. White women smile and talk to me all the time. Kumbaya!
  • I’m hilarious. All those things my wife used to laugh at when we were just a-courtin’? They’re the apex of hilarity once again. As an added bonus, my son is funny too. I can tell I will at long last have a Laurel to my Hardy.


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What were some perks of being a mom that surprised you?

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Mrscj... Mrscjones

Lol that was cute and funny.

Logan... Loganzmommy707

My mom once told me "no man will ever look at you the way your son looks at you", I'm my little boy's one and only! From stinky morning breathe to messy hair his eyes say it all, he loves me all of me. Thanks to my mom for that insight I recognize it every time I look in his eyes.

harym... harymarshman

I love the "I'm not frightening" one. That's amazing.

Todd Vrancic

When walking my oldest to school, pushing my middle child in a stroller and babywearing my youngest (before it was cool), I was a chick magnet, beard and all.  They were all in committed relationships, and the fact that I had the kids with me made me "safe."

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