2-Year-Old Going Through Puberty Is a Truly Frightening Thing for Her Parents

wilted flowerThere are two stages in a child's life that strike fear in parents' hearts like none other -- toddlerhood and puberty. Both happening simultaneously sounds like a nightmare, but it's the heartbreaking reality for one family as their 2-year-old is reportedly going through early puberty.

According to People's Daily Online, a toddler in China, identified only as Dandan, is being treated for what's technically known as "precocious puberty." When she was 8 months old she began developing breasts, and shortly after her first birthday she began menstruating. It's difficult to imagine how baffled and frightened her parents must have been.

Of course, the question is why, and is this something that we're going to be seeing more of?  It's reported that the girl had been fed formula exclusively, and with all of the problems China has had with its formula, you have to wonder if that didn't have something to do with it. Also, according to the publication, it may be caused by a cyst on her right ovary. If that's the case, hopefully it can be treated.

While this case is exceptionally young, in recent years we have heard more heartbreaking stories of girls going through puberty at younger and younger ages. Not only is it emotionally challenging but there are plenty of health risks that go along with precocious puberty as well. From an increased risk of breast cancer to a higher risk for things like eating disorders and depression, it's more than just embarrassing or a nuisance.

Two is startlingly young and hopefully an anomaly, but so was 7 or 8 until recent years. Hopefully, we can soon figure what is going on to make this happen -- in this case and in others -- and find ways to prevent it and save our girls from such a frightening fate.

Can you imagine having your toddler go through puberty?


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Green... GreenEyesMom

OMG I would die. I have 2 girls and that would be so scary. Just sayin. It's hard enough knowing I'll have to have "the talk" with both of them. I just can't imagine wrapping my head around early puberty and when to bring up such a difficult subject.

blunt... bluntcakes

Wow this is so awful :( poor baby. I went through puberty when I was like 8 or 10 I suspect it was because I was about 30 pounds overweight for my age.

tuffy... tuffymama

Awful. That poor kid. Early onset of puberty can lead to decreased IQ from foreshortened brain development, and shorter lifespan, not to mention all the incumbent issues occurring shockingly early, too early, for any child to deal with them. Grim.

Serab... Serabelle

This is sad! At least they understand what's happening though. There was a girl that gave birth at 5 in Peru in the '20s... No one understood puberty back then. Blaming it on formula may be jumping the gun. I'm not saying it isn't a contributing factor, but this has happened through history (no formula in Peru in the 20s to my knowledge). Tragic, no matter the cause.

hello... hellokd87

I was 8 when I needed a training bra & got my period in the 4th grade, and I thought THAT was young!! I can't imagine being a toddler & going through that! They can barely blow their nose! I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with the decreased IQ, but I'm not sure if I was young enough to constitute an early puberty. But I've always been a straight A student with a knack for learning & memory retention. I was also exclusively fed formula as a baby so I can see the correlation to early puberty.

nonmember avatar kaerae

pretty slick how you slipped the "formula is evil" thing in there. It is most likely a flaw in her DNA, but nice try.

Irela... Ireland69

i was in 3rd grade when i started my period and developed breast also.  I never got "the talk" and I was fine. I'm sure and hope she will be fine. May God keep her safe from where she is from is the big deal to me.  I'm sure if her mom teaches her it will be easy and she will be accoustomed  to take care of herself.

Steffanie R. Rich

I was fed formula exclusively as a child and I didn't get my period and go through puberty until 14,  Nice try with the evil formula industry jab though.

nonmember avatar a Mom

This is what happens when the FDA allows SOO many steroids in our food, researh Milk and meats for examples... Vitamin D, we get enough of it from the sun that we dont need it in our Milk, yet WIC wont allow for NON Vitamin D enriched milk. Im sure we can find more examples, but it would just irk me to read all the info, walking away sick to the tummy.

Ichma... Ichmageulen

No one is bashing formula here. They are bashing China's tainted milk/ formula industry. Pay attention before you automatically jump on someone and try to click a link once in a while.

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