9 Simple Chores Your Preschooler Could Be Doing Right Now

folding clothesGot a lazy kid? Of course you don't! Kids are NEVER lazy. Har har. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about how much responsibility kids should have, and at what age. I remember being surprised to learn a friend of mine had already taught her 3-year-old how to make his bed. My next thought was, Why isn't my kid making his own bed?

Because! I hadn't shown him how to, yet. That's why. My 3-year-old was living off the fat of the land, with no responsibilities whatsoever. Well, that put me on notice. There are some household chores a preschooler is capable of taking on. These tasks teach them self-sufficiency and help them feel more a part of their family community. How many chores you assign is up to you and your child, but here's a few you might want to start with.

1. Make your bed. Your child may need help, but 3 or 4 is a good age to start teaching your child to make their own bed. Just don't pressure them to get it done perfectly.

2. Pick up your toys. This important habit should start early -- kids should always pick up any toys they play with as soon as they're done playing with them. You know the song: Clean up, clean up.

3. Clear dishes from the table. Start with just their own dishes, then move on to the family's dishes when they're a little older.

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4. Put silverware away from dishwasher. This simple sorting activity is easy enough for more preschoolers. Careful with knives, though.

5. Put dirty clothes in laundry hamper. Another important daily habit.

6. Help load laundry in washer or dryer. Kids love helping in the laundry room, so take advantage of that and let them help move laundry from machine to machine. Always supervise carefully in the laundry room.

7. Wipe up spills. Don't scold! Just hand your child a washcloth whenever they spill and calmly ask them to clean up. This helps them to take personal responsibility for their messes -- and helps teach them to be careful not to spill in the first place.

8. Clean out bathroom sink. When your child is brushing their teeth, make sure they rinse away any toothpaste or left inside the sink.

9. Feed pets. This is another chore kids might need extra help with -- but it's a fun one, I think.

This downloadable chore chart for preschoolers by SimpleMom is a cute way to make chores more fun.

What chores do your children do around the house?


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nonmember avatar mel

Check all 9.

I have always treated my child like she can do it. She never did sippy cups she just drank from a real cup. No issues !

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

We don't have a washer, dryer, or dishwasher but they do everything up to those points (putting the dirty stuff in the sink and in the laundry) check off the rest of the points as well. I never coddled my kids when it came to chores. They are almost 3 & 5 now and are very self sufficient. God forbid something happened to me I know I wouldn't have to worry too much. 

Deweymom Deweymom

My 4 yo does most of that list...not on the regular, but she can do it if asked.

Also...whenever she or her 18mo old sister see me with a swiffer duster they go NUTS for it. They may half-ass it...but it helps me out and keeps them busy while I clean other things. (Plus they do the heat vents which TOTALLY save my back!)

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

Omg our pastor's toddler also LOOOOOVES the Swiffer!  Preschoolers are alllll about helping, they can even do stuff like help sort laundry, match socks, and wipe down baseboards (give 'em a damp rag and let them start crawling around!).  I think a lot of people underestimate young childrens' capabilities when it comes to chores-they can do sooooo much!

Courtney Evans

I was glad to read this and know my (not quite) two y/o is helping out with most of these chores. She is not as consistant or as thorough as one might hope, but she is definitely on the right track... I guess I will have to give her credit where credit is due!

nonmember avatar MammaMel

My son LOVES these!!! He has been doing them since he could walk. He also likes to use the broom (although not very well) and LOOOOVVVVESSSS to clean things (he uses baby wipes while I use clorox wipes) like the tables and chairs

Linda Hall

My 3 year old does all these except for making her bed, which I think we will start working on today, never dawned on me to have her do that :)


Tara Adamek Murray

Our daugther has a hand in all the chores, from cleaning, to laundry, to cooking.  Cinderella loves helping out around the house.  blowing kisses

Mia Watson

it amazes me that most parents don't think of teaching their kids how to make their own foods! at 4-6 my kids all knew how to make various breakfast & lunch items, including toast (just supervise the first few times til they get the hang of it as with anything), oatmeal & chef boyardee/ramen...it gives them more independence for bigger chores & makes them feel in control of something


Lacey Tierney

My kids do all but make their beds and I will probably never enforce that unless they really wnt to. I don't make my own bed.  simply don't see the point.

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