Toxic Chemical Found in Kids' Clothes & Pajamas -- Yikes!

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formaldehydeDoes your child's skin seem irritated? There could be truly freaky reason for that. A news station investigation uncovered formaldehyde in baby clothing. And now a senator is stepping in to ask the government to look into setting standards for chemicals in children's clothes.

Minneapolis Care 11 sent baby clothes to a lab for testing after a mother wrote in, complaining that her daughter's legs had broken out into a rash after wearing a new pair of leggings (she hadn't washed the leggings first). They sent different brands, and the results were disturbing.

Out of 18 articles of clothing, two pairs of leggings had levels of formaldehyde higher than the apparel industry's standards. That would be 20 parts per million. I kind of think maybe the standard should be something like ZERO levels of formaldehyde, but that's just me.

Trace amounts of formaldehyde were found in four other articles of clothing. Again -- really wish the chemical wasn't there at all.

I suppose we could be grateful that out of 18 articles of clothing, 12 were formaldehyde-free. Juice and crackers for everyone! Let's throw a happy baby clothes party! But that's not good enough for me.

Unlike other countries, the U.S. doesn't have standards for how much formaldehyde goes into children's clothing. BUT MAYBE WE SHOULD. It's usually used to keep clothing wrinkle-free, obviously a priority with BABY CLOTHING -- WTF?!? Who cares about wrinkles in their baby leggings? Unless companies are just buying pre-treated textiles and using the stuff to make clothes in all sizes. But still, even though I think it's worse to have chemicals in baby clothes, I don't want chemicals in my clothes, either.

And washing your clothes first (always a good idea anyway) won't break down all that formaldehyde completely. On the other hand, not everyone is allergic to the stuff. But it's also been linked to cancer, so ... ugh.

Anyway, Senator Amy Khlobuchar is going to try and get some kind of regulation for chemicals in kids' clothes. I wish her luck -- but I think what's really going to help is if more and more parents demand chem-free clothes for their babies.

But man, this makes you want to buy baby clothes that are specifically labeled as chemical-free, doesn't it?

Are you worried about chemicals in your kids' clothing?


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linzemae linzemae

I believe they use it to help preserve clothes. Thats why I always wash everything before I use it

youth... youthfulsoul

Ya I thought it was to preserve clothes as well but I absolutely hate the smell especially when you purchase something that's been doused by it. I've washed with detergent, baking soda and vinegar and nothing can get that stink out.

But obviously you should wash baby clothes before use. I have to admit I only prewash my toddler's clothes these days about 50% of the time.

nonmember avatar Alex B

But the GOP tells me that government regulation is bad and we should just let companies follow the rules they think are best.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Crazy how our gorvernment regulates your purchases of DayQuil and not this or our food. Seriously.

Veronica Marie

last week I put a new pj set on my 20 mo old the next day he woke up with 3 bumps on him and latter that day he was coverd from head to toe is this same rash hives really ba folled but 4 days of pukeing

nonmember avatar Kirstin

I wish they exposed the brands. Maybe that would make some difference while we wait for the government to do something!

Alisa Borden

Formaldehyde is in vaccines as well.

alter... alternamama

Formaldehyde is in vaccines. Toxic flame retardants are on kids pajamas, and our couches, beds, etc

nonmember avatar Jennie

Dose not suprize me at all. There was lead being found in childrens clothing as well like in the emblems on shirts ( spoongebob, cars ect. It was poisoning children with lead and some died. One of the many reasons why people should try and avoid buying from china!


Well, I WASN'T worried because I had no idea that it was something that even existed.  Great....add it to the list along with all the other crap we have to think about now.

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